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Perfume Bottle Manufacturer in China

The free sample is for the transparent perfume glass bottle in stock, and the color sprayed products need to be customized, please consult customer service for details

  • Simply the highest quality
  • Professional processing business model
  • Be made of glass material
  • Customized cap,spray and sealing type

Rowell Perfume Bottle

Our perfume bottle is used for perfume filling. More and more customers choose OEM &ODM design to meet the market request now. The unique design makes your perfume taste more full of fresh power, the fine spray nozzle makes the perfume evaporate more evenly.

There are 10ml,15ml,30ml,50ml,60ml,100ml,etc. perfume bottle size for your choice, we have regular shape for choice and can also accept customize service.

100ml square clear perfume bottle

100ml clear and gold coated square perfume bottle is used for perfume oil filling.The sprayer material is aluminum and 15mm screw neck with the function of reuse and it’s easy to assemble.

blue coated pefume bottle

100ml semi-tranaparent blue coated pefume glass bottle is made for high whitely glass material.The cap is magnatic design,3 capacity can be choosed,100ml,60ml and 30ml for same shape. The sprayer mist is fluent.

30ml black perfume bottle

30ml black screw neck perfume glass bottle, The black coated is hard to scrape off. It is easy to carry in bag. Aluminum outer cap is packed by individual package, no scratch and no leaking problem. Perfume glass bottle mateial is strength.

30ml transparent perfume bottle

30ml transparent perfume glass bottle with with aluminum spray cap.whether it is going out shopping or business trip, it is very convenient to carry, exquisite and small design by the majority of women love.

50ml flat square perfume bottle

50ml empty flat square shape perfume spray bottle,the bottle surface treatment is black grey color coated,black gradient cpated,15mm crimp neck and plastic outer cap is perfect design.

perfume bottle package

50ml Square glass spray bottle. Custom printing waterproof perfume bottle,skin care products glass bottle with logo label sticker. Clear acrylic outer cap,new design perfumes bottle with packaging.

orange perfume bottle

This is a custom color perfume decanter series. Our orange perfume bottle have variety design for you to choose.

50ml Black Semi-transparent Perfume Spray Bottle

50ml black semi-transparent coated design, crimp design, the spayer is matched with the bottle neck perfect. Sprayer color including black,silver,gold, several colors available. Perfect for Perfumes, Lotions, Sun Spray in Hot Summer or Cold Winter.

Flat Square 50ml Perfume Glass Spray Bottle

Flat square 50ml perfume glass bottle, push type sprayer design,with black outer will be test by professional machine strictly,no leaking problem.

100ml Brown Gradient Coating Perfume Glass Bottle

100ml empty square perfume glass bottle with pump sprayers,brown gradient coating bottle,matching gold caps.Free sample is available for testing before ordering.

100ml Hexagon Edge Perfume Bottle

100ml hexagon edge perfume bottle, full set looking more perfect with yellow or green. with abs hexagonal perfume cap ,polished aluminum shiny black pump and collar

50ml Square Perfume Glass Bottle

50ml flat square shape flint glass perfume bottle with glass sprayer, the bottle shape is simple design,natural color beech wooden outer cap

50ml Colorful Coated Glass Perfume Bottle

50ml coloful coated glass square perfume bottle, crystal white material glass TF and sarin,wine red,jade white,clear,smoky gray ,semi transparent black for your choice.

50ml empty perfume bottle

50ml empty perfume bottle,the bottle surface treatment is black gradient cpated,15mm crimp neck and wood outer cap is perfect design.

The bottle can avoid the light and check the color of the perfume inside the bottle

30ml rectangular perfume bottle

rectangular shape clear empty perfume bottle is 30ml, and we also have 50ml and 100ml for same shape can be provided. screw neck and aluminum sprayer and outer cap. tall square refillable luxury perfume spray glass bottle

cologne perfume bottle

Classic square shaped design, 100ml, you can custom the color you like. Exuding a sense of dignified elegance in its design.

perfume bottle

This perfume bottle has a rounded edge design, offering a variety of color options for both the bottle and the cap, allowing for a personalized touch.

perfume bottle

Irregular cap design perfume bottle

bulk perfume bottles

You can custom your logo on the bottle

unique perfume bottles wholesale

Unique perfume bottles for wholesale

Stone Cap Perfume Bottle

Creative stone cap design, each perfume bottle is different, which makes it personaility

perfume bottle

Different color in glass and cap

22 Products Found.

Sealing Type Options of Perfume Bottle

  • Screw Sprayer
    Screw Sprayer
  • Crimp Sprayer
    Crimp Sprayer
  • Plastic Sprayer
    Plastic Sprayer
  • Aluminum Sprayer
    Aluminum Sprayer
  • Tube Bulb Sprayer
    Tube Bulb Sprayer

Cap Material Options of Perfume Bottle

  • Acrylic Cap
    Acrylic Cap
  • Sarin Cap
    Sarin Cap
  • Glass Cap
    Glass Cap
  • Plastic Cap
    Plastic Cap
  • UV Plastic Electroplated Cap
    UV Plastic Electroplated Cap
  • Aluminum Cap
    Aluminum Cap

Rowell Perfume Bottle Advantages

Made from high whitely glass
Made from High Whitely Glass

The glass bottle material is made from high whitely glass

easy to carry
Easy to Carry

small and unique design design is very convenient to carry in the bag

various sizes are available
Various Sizes are Available

15ml,20ml,30ml,50ml,60ml,100ml etc.different capacity of perfume bottle selection

Eco-friendly Materials

The lid, bottle and nozzle are made of environmentally friendly materials, which meet the world market demand

Perfume Bottle Shape

Kinds of perfume glass bottle shapes can be available.

  • square
  • round
  • star shape
  • cylinder,and so on.

We can also accept ODM and OEM. You just need to provide your design drawing.Tell us about your requirement.

Perfume bottle shape
Craft design

Craft Design

Providing pantone number to finish colorful coated, electroplated, decalcomania,

  • water transfer
  • Silkscreen
  • hot stamping
  • silver hot stamping
  • gradient coated
  • label,etc.

Package Custom

  • We can accept package custom service.
  • Pinting your logo on the carton and show the product picture on the carton.
  • We can also custom special carton size.More safety package to avoid the bottle broken.
Package custom

Different Perfume Product Series To Choose From

Perfume Bottle Packaging

We not only provide personalized perfume bottle service, but also for your business escort, provide and perfume bottle matching packaging, more suitable for sale

The MOQ is flexible the stock is available.

Perfume Spray Bottle

Rowell offers refillable perfume spray bottle,which is made of high quality glass material. perfume glass bottles can be coated kinds of colors,ODM and OEM is available. different material of atomizer and fine mist sprayer pump.
cosmetics glass bottle manufacturing industry is accompanied by glass crystal manufacturing industry and developed. glass and crystal are the main ingredients in the design of modern perfume glass bottles. In addition, porcelain and enamel are also often used as raw materials for perfume bottles.

Perfume Glass Bottle

Glass perfume bottles offer timeless elegance and sophistication, providing a luxurious vessel to showcase your favorite scents. Renowned for their clarity and brilliance, glass bottles enhance the aesthetic appeal of any fragrance while ensuring the integrity and longevity of the perfume within. With their versatility and recyclability, glass perfume bottles also embody a commitment to sustainability, appealing to environmentally-conscious consumers seeking both style and eco-friendliness in their beauty products.

Empty Perfume Bottle

Empty perfume bottle is made of white highly glass raw material. Sprayer is made of plastic and aluminum material. Outer caps have several material can be choiced,such as acrylic,aluminum,plastic or glass material.

This perfume bottle are use for perfume filling. For us, product packaging is part of the product itself. So when we talk about perfume packaging. We tend to think of it more as a brand image.

Crystal Perfume Bottle

Rowell crystal perfume bottle usually is cute and delicate bottle, we can make good use of these little bottles as ornaments. Let us clean the empty perfume bottle and put some pretty flowers or colored bells in it. we can pour other skin care liquid into the perfume bottle and reuse it when the perfume liquid be used out.

30ml Perfume Bottle

Rowell 30ml perfume glass bottle,the sprayer is delicate, and the liquid spray of perfume is smooth and no leakage phenomenon. Mini perfume spray bottle, easy to carry, can be used as a separate bottle when traveling, does not take up space.

Perfume is basically spray bottle, the empty perfume bottle with water to clean up, you can put some toner, daily hydration use

Cologne Perfume Bottle

Cologne perfume is a men’s perfume launched by the French brand Guerlain in 1966, known for its unique and mysterious essence. The perfume bottle features an elegant design with a classic straight-line silhouette, the cap has an elegant metallic texture. Showcasing its distinctive charm and masculine essence.

Perfume Bottle With Unique Cap

In Rowell, we have many creative perfume bottle design, this unique perfume bottle design have a irregularly shaped bottle cap. Which makes it personality from other bottles.

  • Sealing Well
  • Variety Options
  • High Transparent Glass
  • Customized Design & Wholesale Capability
perfume bottle
Rowell-Customized Perfume Bottles Supplier

Rowell supply unique perfume bottle design and wholesale perfume glass bottles with a wide variety of colors, shape, and capacity, available from 5ml to 500ml volume capacity.

Please contact us immediately. We will provide more perfume bottle design with you in time.

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