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Introduce Cologne Perfume Bottle

Cologne perfume is a men’s perfume launched by the French brand Guerlain in 1966, known for its unique and mysterious essence. The perfume bottle features an elegant design with a classic straight-line silhouette, the cap has an elegant metallic texture. Showcasing its distinctive charm and masculine essence.

Cologne Perfume Bottle From Rowell

Rowell is a professional glass perfume bottle manufacturer in China. Attached are our different kind of cologne perfume bottle for you choose. All of our product series can customized according to your need. Should you not find the exact design you’re seeking within our showcased range, do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to bring your vision to life. If you need know more about other perfume bottles, please view more.

perfume bottle

available 30ml,50ml and 100ml. Small cylindrical glass perfume bottle, suitable for travel scenarios.

cologne perfume bottle

Simple design, transparent glass perfume bottle. Perfect for on-the-go elegance. With a black perfume cap.

cologne perfume bottle

Classic square shaped design, 100ml, you can custom the color you like. Exuding a sense of dignified elegance in its design.

perfume bottle
Rounded Edge Cologne Perfume Bottle

This perfume bottle has a rounded edge design, offering a variety of color options for both the bottle and the cap, allowing for a personalized touch.


perfume bottle
Refillable Perfume Bottle

This is a small-sized perfume bottle suitable for travel purposes, with an elegant black exterior also very portable.

cologne perfume bottle
Black Cologne Perfume Bottle

The black bottle paired with a golden cap defines this classic-designed cologne perfume bottle. The square-shaped body accentuates masculine charm.

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Rowell Glass Perfume Bottle Advantages

leaking proof

Every perfume neck is standard size, we test the bottle and cap before ship to customer.We can assure there is no any leaking problem.

Screw neck
Screw Neck Design

Screw neck design is flexible.13mm,15mm,18mm is workable.small bottle shape is convenient to take.

Free Samples
Free Samples

Free samples are available,we can provide customized samples before the order confirmed.

stable color coated
Surface Treatment

silk screen printing,hot stamping,label sticker,frosted,color coated,and more craft work

Bottle Neck

We use screw type bottle neck in this perfume bottle for easily assmeble. Also the screw bottle mouth is sealing well, it’s will be friendly for daily use. If you need curled bottle neck design, we can make it for you too.

perfume bottle
perfume bottle

Bottle Details

The bottle is crafted from high-transparency glass, offering a premium feel. The shape s classic square design, also can be customized like: Rectangular; Round; Oval; Multi-faceted and uniquely-shaped bottle.

Varied Perfume Bottle Cap

We offer a wide variety of perfume bottle caps for selection. Materials include options such as metal, plastic, wood, and glass. Design-wise, we can customize various shapes and mix different materials. Depending on your product positioning, we can always provide you with suitable choices. If you like unique cap design, kindly find more information in unique cap perfume bottle.

perfume bottle cap

Customized Service

Custom Capacity
Custom Capacity

The capacity is customizable, ranging from small travel-sized vials to larger sizes of up to 200ml , catering to all your needs.

perfume bottle packaging
Custom Packaging

Packaging is a crucial part of our product,it’s suppose to as elegant as the fragrance itself. So we provide customized packaging services, aiming to beautifully represent your brand’s value.

perfume bottle craftsmanship
Custom Crafts

The production of perfume bottles involves various manufacturing techniques, and we can realize the common techniques in design for you. This is why our product range is so diverse—we believe that high-quality craftsmanship always embodies strong competitiveness in our products.

cologne perfume bottle
Rowell's Vision

Rowell is dedicated to enhancing your brand value by providing elegant and refined perfume bottles for your fragrances. Our company is located in Xuzhou, China, a hub within the perfume bottle industry chain, offering some of the most competitive prices available in the market. However, we firmly believe that low prices alone are not enough to ensure a long-term partnership. Superior product quality determines the capacity ceiling of a business. So we refuse to compromise on product quality even the price is low.
In order to align with your brand’s values, please provide us with as much detail as possible regarding your requirements. We will attentively listen to your feedback.

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