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Glass Lotion Bottles Wholesale

Rowell wholesale lotion bottles, 20-150ml different sizes are available. Glass lotion bottles are great for packing lotions, creams, bath salts and more.

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Rowell Glass Lotion Bottles

Lotion bottle is a kind of makeup bottle containing lotion,generally includes the bottle body, pump head and bottle cap.our cream jar and lotion pump bottle range from 15ml up to 500ml,that are available in multiple color selections and styles.

the pump head is fixed on the upper end of the bottle by threaded connection, the lower end of the pump head is connected with a straw into the bottle body, the bottle cap is fixed outside the pump head.

Square Lotion Pump Bottles

Square design pump bottle : Series products with cream jar and lotion bottle , bottle is with pump.

Square Body Lotion Bottles with Pump

Small lotion bottle with black pump . These bottles are made of thick glass that protects for a luxury, upscale aesthetic.

Empty Plastic Body Lotion Bottles

White color plastic lotion bottle , easy to carry , with despenser cap.Our lotion pump closures are perfect for dispensing your product and come in white, black, gold, and silver options.

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Rowell Lotion Bottles Features

Sunshine Resisted
Resistance to heat and sunlight

Our lotion bottles is heat and sun resistant, color coating make the bottle 100% light-proof

Chemical resistance
Chemical resistance

Lotion pump bottle is made of glass material,strong stability,resist the liquid ,no color falling

Suitable cap and bottle
Fatigue resistance and more

The color of lotion bottle is stable and fixed , it can be ensured no color fade .

safe use

Used for liquid soap, lotion, essential oil, shampoo, body wash, mouthwash and so on.

Neck Size

Customized neck size of lotion bottles is available,two kinds of neck selection ,screw neck and crimp neck.

Standard neck size:

  • 18 /405 18 /400 18 /410 18/415
  • 20/400 20/410 20 /415
  • 22/415
  • 24/415
  • etc

Crimp neck : 13mm /15mm /18mm etc.

Neck size


Cap and pump of lotion bottle are offered as well. Natural and safe to fill with variety of room-temperature daily use liquids.
Large of cap or pump are suitable for your selection ,customized caps are available if needed .


For our range of refillable lotion bottles, we can offer the followed certificate if needed:

  • SGS
  • ISO
  • TDS
  • etc.

Different Lotion Bottle Series

Lotion Pump Bottles

A pump bottle used in the packaging of cosmetic lotion is called a pump lotion bottle. Cosmetics lotion bottle packaging has several characteristics at present, one is high taste, cosmetic packaging is basically showing the trend of high taste, no matter the material or printing;

The other is generally with a pump head, because of the particularity of emulsion products, emulsion bottle will basically have a pump head; The third is durable, easy to use, easy to use is also very important.

Body Lotion Bottle

More and more cosmetics packaging began to use a pump head of cosmetics glass bottle,a wide of application,such as body lotion,face cream,serum,hand sanitizer gel,etc.
The body lotion bottles can control the amount of lotion well through extrusion, but also solve the problem of residual body lotion.

Empty Lotion Bottles

Rowell offer one-stop solution of empty lotion glass bottle. You can choose from a wide range of glass bottles shapes and styles.

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  • For cosmetic lotion
  • 20ml-200ml capacity options
  • Variety materials
  • Durable and easy to use
Glass Lotion Bottles

Glass lotion bottles are a premium packaging solution that offers a multitude of benefits, making them an ideal choice for skincare brands looking to convey elegance, preserve product integrity, and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

Bamboo Lotion Pump Bottles

Bamboo lotion pump bottles offer an eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing packaging solution, crafted from renewable bamboo to align with sustainability goals. With their natural charm, durability, and customizable design options, these bottles elevate brand image while providing user-friendly dispensing and contributing to environmental stewardship through biodegradability and recyclability.

Refillable Lotion Bottles

Refillable lotion bottles present a sustainable and convenient packaging solution, catering to eco-conscious consumers seeking to minimize waste and maximize usability. These bottles allow for repeated refilling, reducing single-use plastic consumption and promoting environmental conservation. With their durable construction and user-friendly design, refillable lotion bottles offer long-term value and convenience, while also offering brands an opportunity to showcase their commitment to sustainability and responsible consumption.

Mini Lotion Bottles

Mini lotion bottles offer a compact and portable solution for skincare on the go, ideal for travel, gym, or purse essentials. Despite their small size, these bottles provide efficient and convenient dispensing, ensuring users can access their favorite lotions wherever they are. With their sleek and stylish design, mini lotion bottles add a touch of luxury to any travel or daily skincare routine, making them a versatile and practical choice for consumers seeking convenience without compromising quality.

Bulk Lotion Bottles

Bulk lotion bottles offer cost-effective solutions for businesses and consumers alike, enabling the purchase of larger quantities at discounted prices. Ideal for businesses looking to streamline their supply chain and reduce packaging waste, bulk lotion bottles minimize environmental impact while maximizing efficiency. Additionally, for consumers, bulk options provide long-term savings and ensure a steady supply of their favorite lotions, making them a practical choice for households and businesses seeking value and convenience.

Blank Lotion Bottles

Blank lotion bottles provide a customizable packaging option, perfect for showcasing personalized designs or branding. With their versatile and minimalist design, these bottles offer flexibility for both personal and commercial use, allowing users to create tailored packaging solutions that reflect their unique style or brand identity.

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Personalized Lotion Bottles Manufacturers | Rowell

Rowell has advanced production equipment workshop,is specialized in lotion bottle production for over 14 years,with variety size ,collar and cap designs available.

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