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Rowell can both manufacture and trading company integrating design and production,supply various types of diffuser
glass bottle.These bottles are customizable according to your size, color, and shape specifications.

  • Superior-quality diffuser bottle
  • Timely delivery
  • Certificate approved
  • Wide range of uses

Rowell Reed Diffuser Bottles

Diffuser bottles are used to store various Diffuser substances. Reed diffuser bottles of various shapes and colors are more and more favored by consumers from all over the world. They are suitable for indoors, outdoors, bedrooms, canteens and other public places.

90ml black diffuser bottle

90ml black and white painted diffuser bottle with rattan stick,crimp top with synthetic cork
Synthetic cane can make different color and size as customer’requirements

square diffuser bottle

50ml black white frosted coated,reed diffuser bottle of square cubic shape,with a crimp top and a golden color polymer cork

150ml clear reed diffuser bottle

150ml reed diffuser glass bottle with fiber sticks
made of eco-environmental glass, clear glass bottle with aluminum gold caps,volume covers 30 ml to 500ml

150ml cylinder diffuser bottle
Frosted 150ml Diffuser Glass Bottle

empty 150ml blue black green cylinder reed  diffuser glass bottle with gold sliver aluminum cap and pe plug
we can supply different capacity diffuser bottles to you

150ml pink round diffuser bottle
150ml Pink Reed Diffuser Bottle

150ml pink color coated glass reed diffuser bottle with polymer cork on top,Fiber sticks and dry flowers are also provided

100ml diffuser bottle

empty round diffuser bottle,large bottle mouth with cork design,100ml/150ml/200ml and more.
various color of diffuser bottle,clear,blue,green,pink,etc.

blue diffuser bottle

Blue glass diffuser bottle, designed to complement any space while efficiently dispersing your favorite scents.

amber diffuser bottle

Amber glass diffuser bottle, blending timeless elegance with effective scent diffusion for a truly inviting atmosphere.

50ml diffuser bottle

The 50ml Diffuser Bottle combines sleek design with durable glass construction, offering long-lasting fragrance diffusion for any space.

100ml diffuser bottle

The 100ml Diffuser Bottle boasts a spacious reservoir and a sleek, contemporary design, ensuring long-lasting and effective fragrance dispersion in any setting.

200ml diffuser bottle

The 200ml Diffuser Bottle ensuring prolonged diffusion of fragrances. Its customizable features further enhance its appeal, offering personalized options to suit diverse preferences and needs.

refillable reed diffuser bottle

The Refillable Reed Diffuser Bottle boasts reusable functionality, offering an eco-friendly solution for continuous fragrance enjoyment while reducing environmental impact.

empty diffuser bottle
  • Capacity: 50ml 100ml 150ml or customized
  • Color:  clear,frost or customized
  • Bottle shape: flat square or customized shape
  • MOQ: 5000pcs
  • Sealing type: screw cap
5000ml reed diffuser bottle

Large capacity reed diffuser bottle with four reeds, suitable for hotel, commercial spaces, events, healthcare facilities and other scenarios requiring prolonged and continuous aromatization.

car perfume bottle series

The Car Perfume Bottle series offers a diverse range of stylish and compact designs, providing convenient and long-lasting fragrance options for your vehicle.

100ml octagon reed diffuser bottle
100ml Octagon Shape Reed Diffuser Bottle

100ml octagon shape clear glass home fragrance reed diffuser bottle with ball rattan sticks
The sloping shoulder makes the bottle look like unique,with the polymer cork stopper

200ml gradient reed diffuser bottle
200ml Gradient Reed Diffuser Bottle with Cork

200ml gradient blue/amber/ pink diffuser bottle with cork,bell mouth with inner plug
glass room aroma polygonal gradient traslucent coated diffuser bottle

150ml luxury reed diffuser bottle
150ml Gradient Translucent Reed Diffuser Bottle

150ml luxury reed diffuser bottle with reed sticksand cork,gradient blue/green/yellow/pink color coated surface,flint glass classic cork design matching mouth perfectly

200ml cylindrical glass diffuser bottle
200ml Reed Diffuser Bottle with Metal Gray Collar

200ml cylindrical glass diffuser bottle with volatile nature rattan stick
200ml large capacity bottle with anodized aluminum cover,screw cap with metal gray collar

120ml reed diffuser bottle
4oz Empty Coloured Glass Reed Diffuser Bottles

120ml aromatic white,pink,red,gradient amber diffuser glass bottle with reeds volatile rods
classic cylinder bottle shape and smooth bottle shoulder line,different coated techniques show different styles

150ml cylinder glass diffuser bottle
150ml Cylinder Glass Diffuser Bottle

150ml cylinder home scent diffuser glass bottle with rattan sticks and black collar
natural eco-friendly durable ring with laser logo,raindrop coated,gradient coated,frosted coated

100ml ball glass diffuser bottle
100ml Ball Unusual Glass Diffuser Bottle

100ml transparent diffuser bottles can be made into various shapes, and the small grooves on the surface will look very textured.with gold or red aluminum collar and nature rattan sticks.

150ml round glass diffuser bottle
150ml Round Shape Glass Diffuser Bottle

150ml black white gradient color coating glass diffuser bottle with fiber sticks
flint glass with black aluminum cap,any kind of shape can be customized

150ml flint reed diffuser bottles
150ml Flint Refillable Reed Diffuser Bottles

150ml flint clear glass sloping shoulder refillable reed diffuser bottles
green or gradient translucent coated surface, black ball shape wooden collar lid and fragrance rattan sticks

130ml snowflake glass diffuser bottle
130ml Clear Snowflake Shaped Glass Diffuser Bottle

130ml clear snowflake shaped glass reed diffuser bottle with synthetic stopper cork
the bottle is made of eco-environmental glass,with reed stick for room fragrance

200ml diffuser glass bottle with tassels
200ml Luxury Diffuser Glass Bottle with Tassels

200ml diffuser glass bottle with tassels and rattan sticks
attar gradient color spray painting,gold black alu collar
the gradient color coating with various colors makes the aromatherapy diffuser bottles fancy

180ml black diffuser bottles
180ml Glass Colored Black Reed Diffuser Bottle

150ml 180ml 200ml empty glass colored klein blue translucent coated and black diffuser bottle
round crimp neck design with ball shape cork,according to your needs.

260ml ball diffuser bottles
260ml Ball Shape Black Diffuser Bottle

260ml ball shape black coated reed diffuser bottle,crimp top with polymer cork.
black reed diffuser bottle is made of ceramic and bottle body matching with golden logo printing on the surface.

230ml round diffuser bottles
230ml Round Black Glass Diffuser Bottles

230ml black glass diffuser bottles with replacement reed sticks and cork.
Any kind of shape can be customized include square, round, rectangular, elliptical, spherical and others for your design.

165ml wide mouth black diffuser bottles
165ml Wide Mouth Matte Black Diffuser Bottle

custom design 135ml 165ml wide mouth reed diffuser bottle with sticks.
matte black and milky white color,gradient purple are transparent, the thread structure on the surface is also clear.

150ml black diffuser bottle
150ml Square Black Reed Diffuser Bottle

150ml square glass reed diffuser bottle with square wooden lid.
50ml 100ml 150ml 200ml or customized capacity.
simple and classic design fragrance diffuser bottle with fragrance sticks.

300ml round diffuser bottle
300ml Luxury Round Glass Black Diffuser Bottle

300ml round luxury glass black aroma reed diffuser bottle,black plastic collar lid with plug
equipped with aromatherapy sticks and unique thin straps.

10ml frost square car perfume bottle
10ml Frosted Craft Square Car Diffuser Bottle

empty 10ml frosted craft square car fragrance diffuser glass bottle
air freshener car perfume bottle with cotton string and inner plug
with laser logo wooden cap,can be printed private label logo

5ml ball car air freshener bottle
5ml Ball Shape Car Diffuser Glass Bottle

5ml ball shape mini hanging air freshener pendant
car perfume diffuser glass bottle with wooden cap and inner stopper
clear/frost or color as customer’s requirement
3/5/7/8/10/12/15/20ml or customized

5ml square shape car diffuser bottle
5ml Square Shape Glass Car Diffuser Bottles

5ml square shape glass empty hanging car perfume bottles
gold/sliver/black plastic cap or wooden cap
with plastic inner plug,we can supply different size

clear apple car perfume bottle
10ml Clear Apple Shape Car Diffuser Bottle

10ml or customized capacity. clear apple shape car perfume glass bottle
natural wooden screw cap with hanging rope.
with plastic inner plug stopper prevent the leaking problem.

crystal diamond shape bottle
7ml Diamond Shape Car Diffuser Bottle

7ml empty crystal diamond cut shape air freshener car diffuser glass bottle with inner plug
with triangular laser logo wooden cap
Gradient color coated or customized color

pink clear car diffuser bottle
15ml Pink Refillable Car Diffuser Bottle

15ml empty car perfume diffuser bottle with plastic inner plug,pink clear color
natural wooden screw cap with hanging beech wood shrinker string

12ml Hanging Car Perfume Bottle
12ml Color Hanging Diffuser Bottle
  • 12ml clear glass bottle coated by different colors.
  • natural wooden cap, square design with rope
4ml Mushroom Car Diffuser Bottle with Plug
4ml Mushroom Hanging Diffuser Bottle with Plug
  • 4ml mushroom new design with wooden cap and inner stopper. car perfume diffuser bottles
  • s/s logo printing on bottle, or laser logo made on wooden cap
5ml Ball bottle
5ml Ball Shape Hanging Diffuser Bottle
  • Top selling 5ml ball shape car perfume diffuser bottle with wooden cap.
  • Plastic inner plug stopper prevent the leaking problem.
Hanging Square bottles
Hanging Square Diffuser Bottle with Vent Clip
  • 6ml 7ml 8ml glass bottle with flat square wooden cap and reeds diffuser sticks.
  • Metal clip options for car vent use.
  • Clear, frosted or customized
Crystal Hanging bottles
Crystal Hanging Diffuser Bottle with Wooden Cap
  • Fancy design 5ml 8ml 10ml car perfume bottle with wooden cap
  • Black rope with crystal balls decoration
8ml Frosted Hanging Diffuser Bottle
8ml Frosted Hanging Diffuser Bottle
  • 8ml star shape cute design glass bottle with frosted surface
  • Metal clip options for car vent use.
  • with reeds diffuser sticks
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Rowell Glass Diffuser Bottles Features

Personalized Service

The shape, color and craft of the diffuser bottle are determined by your needs. We can provide you with personalized service.

Refillable and Reusable

High quality bottle body, can be used for a long life, suitable for the storage of various diffuser substances.


Low MOQ,Enviromnmental friendly non-poisonous,High brightness glass,stylish and sophisticated lid with diffuser stick

stable color coated
Stable Color Coated

Stable color coated artwork,opacity can also be made on request to protect the liquid from sun exposure.

Provide Custom Cap

You can choose from several colors:gold,black,milk white,brown etc.
The inner spiral structure of the cap is determined according to the mouth of the bottle, which can ensure the tight combination of the cap and the bottle body.

Provide Custom Cap
the bottle mouth diameter

The Bottle Mouth Diameter

30ml-200ml are available,neck size of the diffuser bottle is 20mm,22mm,24mm,28mm.
The specific capacity and bottle mouth diameter can be customized according to your requirements.

Color Coated Options

we can offer color coated.bottle color coating is generally divided into solid color,transparent color and gradient color,silk screen printing is divided into high temperature screen printing and low temperature screen printing.

color coated options

Various Wood /Aluminum/Plastic Lids for Diffuser Glass Bottle

wood lid
plastic lid

Cap The material of the cap is wooden, plastic, anodized aluminum there are many shapes of the cap, cylindrical, square, etc., depending on your requirements

Cork Cap

The cork can better retain the diffuser substances and is perfectly combined with the mouth of the bottle. The shape of the cork is determined according to the shape of the mouth of the bottle.

PE Plug and PP Gasket

Plug the material is pp. The shape depends on the mouth of the bottle to ensure that the liquid in the bottle does not leak.

Different Chiose Of Diffuser Bottle Product Series From Rowell

Reed Diffuser Bottles

Rowell reed diffuser bottles are mainly used for home oil fragrance,uses a water-absorbent, oil-absorbent, or volatile plant or object to diffuse essential oils onto the vine or flower and diffuse them into the air to keep the interior clean.
diffuser bottles of different colors, clear, purple, black, blue, white and so on, also can be color coated. we provide a variety of color bottles for you to choose from.

Glass Diffuser Bottle

Rowell glass diffuser bottles can be made into various shapes, and the transparent will look very textured.Glass raw materials have excellent isolation characteristics, which can very well prevent the erosion of co2 and other vapors to the diffuser substances, and can also volatilize diffuser substances.

Black Diffuser Bottle

Rowell black diffuser bottle are beneficial for diffuser fragrances and perfumes,have varying capacities from 30mL to 500ml. They are durable and efficient in maintaining the quality of the fragrances.
the glass diffuser bottles are matched with wooden, plastic, aluminum,or cork caps for your products

Car Diffuser Bottle

We have variety styles of diffuser bottles, car air freshener empty bottle.Usually two styles,one is hanging empty bottle,with rope,cap and plastic plug.The other is empty bottle with vent clip,mainly clipped at the air outlet of the car air conditioner.

Car perfume empty bottle are convenient to use and carry, mainly used to fill solid or commercial diffuser substances.Rowell provides any custom service, please get the latest quotation.

Hanging Diffuser Bottle

hanging diffuser bottle are more and more popular nowadays among car air freshener. car hanging diffuser bottle with rope and car vent clip design are 2 options from ROWELL.

Small and cute design bottles come with fragrance scent smells. It diffuser scent by the wooden cap and the rope, with persistent fragrance.

Support silk screen printing logo on bottle and laser logo on wooden cap, makes your car perfume diffuser products unique.

diffuser bottle banner
Wholesale Diffuser Glass Bottle Suppliers

Rowell has supplied various diffuser bottle and cosmetics packaging products with high quality and competitive price, and so on.Different colours and sizes available.

  • “I really liked the quality of the diffuser bottles,the product was very nice and fast delivery.”

  • “In terms of diffuser bottle product quality (glass quality, lid, printing, color) everything is perfect for my strict requirements.”

  • “Perfect. Diffuer bottle ottle exceeded my expectations.Very beautiful. Substantial in weight. “

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