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Black Diffuser Bottle Suppliers in China

Rowell provides empty glass black diffuser bottle,including custom rattan sticks.the surface of the bottle can be sprayed to meet your color requirements.

  • The dark glass bottle is light-proof
  • Durable design
  • Protect cosmetic products
  • Comprehensive service support

Rowell Black Diffuser Bottle

Rowell black diffuser bottle are beneficial for diffuser fragrances and perfumes,have varying capacities from 30mL to 500ml. They are durable and efficient in maintaining the quality of the fragrances.
the glass diffuser bottles are matched with wooden, plastic, aluminum,or cork caps for your products

180ml black diffuser bottles

150ml 180ml 200ml empty glass colored klein blue translucent coated and black diffuser bottle
round crimp neck design with ball shape cork,according to your needs.

260ml ball diffuser bottles

260ml ball shape black coated reed diffuser bottle,crimp top with polymer cork.
black reed diffuser bottle is made of ceramic and bottle body matching with golden logo printing on the surface .

230ml round diffuser bottles

230ml black glass diffuser bottles with replacement reed sticks and cork.
Any kind of shape can be customized include square, round, rectangular, elliptical, spherical and others for your design.

165ml wide mouth black diffuser bottles
165ml Wide Mouth Matte Black Diffuser Bottle

custom design 135ml 165ml wide mouth reed diffuser bottle with sticks.
matte black and milky white color,gradient purple are transparent, the thread structure on the surface is also clear.

150ml black diffuser bottle
150ml Square Black Reed Diffuser Bottle

150ml square glass reed diffuser bottle with square wooden lid.
50ml 100ml 150ml 200ml or customized capacity.
simple and classic design fragrance diffuser bottle with fragrance sticks.

300ml round diffuser bottle
300ml Luxury Round Glass Black Diffuser Bottle

300ml round luxury glass black aroma reed diffuser bottle,black plastic collar lid with plug
equipped with aromatherapy sticks and unique thin straps.

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Rowell Black Diffuser Bottle Features

black light-proof
Black Protective

The dark bottle can block the sun exposure and prevent the damage of diffuser substances due to sun exposure

unique design
Unique Design

Different shapes, sizes, mouths and accessories can meet the needs of customers

safe packing
Safety Packing Methods

We pack the accessories, the middle ring and the bottle body separately, and use a sponge to pack them separately, which is anti-drop and anti-collision.

various capacity
Various Capacities

20ml, 30ml,50ml,100ml,150ml,200ml,230ml,300ml are available,meet the needs of different customers.

Accessories Optional

The flexible choice of accessories, their color and style, the quantity is up to you to meet your individual requirements or make our products more competitive in the market.

accessories optional


The MOQ of different diffuser bottles is different, generally 10,000 pieces, for the diffuser bottles in stock, we generally meet the small batch requirements of customers, and supporting your business is what we are pursuing.

Market Competitiveness

In addition to the quality and accessories of the black diffuser bottle itself, we also offer market-competitive discounts on prices, which allow you to maintain an advantage in the competition with competitors and stand out.

market competitiveness

Why Choose Black Diffuser Bottle from Rowell

rich market experience
Rich Market Experience

We have our own old and new customers in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, as well as Japan and South Korea. With more than 10 years of industry experience and accumulation, our team fully understands the market and is committed to providing the best products and services to every customer in the world

delivery time
Delivery Time

In addition to the production control of the workshop, the standardized operation process and the responsibility to each customer are the principles we have always adhered to. Fast land transportation and diversified sea transportation have always been our advantages.

abundant product inventory
Abundant Product Inventory

Due to our team’s foresight to the market and the overflow of our own production, we keep some products in stock to meet the timeliness of customer needs, and the large warehouse ensures the quality of the products.

black diffuser bottles
Wholesale Black Glass Diffuser Bottle | Rowell

Our glass black diffuser bottle can be painted, engraved,printing,We can supply different capacity diffuser bottles to you. The surfuce of dealment we can make as your requirement.

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