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Rowell Cream Jar Packaging Manufacturer

Rowell expertly manufactures various cream glass jars in different sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns.

  • Wear-resistant and durable
  • Keep fresh,prevent the deterioration
  • Widely used
  • Clear transparency

Rowell Cream Jar Wholesale

Our cream jar is made of high-grade glass materials.It is used to store cosmetics, skin care products, face and body protection products. Glass cream jar has the function of keeping fresh, which can effectively prevent the deterioration of products during transportation, storage and use.

At the same time, the characteristics of cream jar that can keep fresh make it suitable for the preservation of various cosmetics and foods, which can solve the deterioration of products during the preservation period.

Face cream jar
Cylinder Face Cream Jar
  • Cylinder shape glass cream jar,easy to carry
  • New arrival design with green color plastic cap
  • High brightness glass jar
Glass cream jar
  • Transparent pink color glass jar with round shoulder
  • White cap in plastic material makes the bottle looks fancy
cosmetic cream containers
  • Unique design glass cream jar
  • Top grade glass material with high quality cap
  • Anti-leaking
empty cream jars
Black Empty Cream Jars
  • Black color coated empty cream jars
  • Silver aluminum cap matched the jar very well
  • Unique design with fancy looking
cream jar packaging
Cream Jar with Alu Cap
  • Transparent color coated glass jar for cosmetics ,face cream
  • Golden color aluminum cap
  • Thick base make the jar look high grade
cream jar wholesale
Cream Jar with Gasket
  • Black plastic cap on the glass cream jar
  • Anti leaking
  • 30-100ml available
acrylic cream jar

High end acrylic cream jar,face to the high end market.available mould to save tooling charge, series design with lotion bottle.

luxury cosmetic cream jar

The distinctive design adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, complete with a cap and gasket. It aligns perfectly with the trends in innovative design, and molds are available, offering cost-saving benefits.

oval shape cream jar

An oval-shaped acrylic cream jar with a well-matched cap and gasket. It ensures safe transportation and also saves space.

round cosmetic cram jar

Acrylic cream jar featuring a distinctive design, adorned with a golden cap and gasket. The jar has an available mold, reducing lead time. Various volumes are offered.

white plastic cream jar

Oval-shaped acrylic cream jar with a well-coordinated cap and gasket. It ensures safe transportation and also reduces the required storage space.

50ml glass cream jar

This is a 50ml glass cream jar. The logo on the bottle can be customized, and we offer various options for glass craftsmanship. Through processes such as frosting, spraying, and more, the bottle can present different textures and colors.

Pink Frosted Glass Cream Jar

The glass jar is coated in a pink color, equipped with a plastic liner, and topped with a black aluminum cap. Label artwork is available upon request.

Glass Cream Jar with Black Cap1

The dark glass cream jar paired with a black cap is a mature and stylish product. Please contact us for more information on this product.

glass face cream jar1

This is a cream jar designed for storing facial creams, featuring a white exterior and made from glass. It supports customized sizes and bulk production.

This cream jar comes with a gold-colored lid and a glass body. Size, shape, are customization available in production. If you have any requirements, please contact us for more information.

This is a blue cream jar. The blue glass material better represents the high-end positioning of the product, suitable for various creams, lotions, and other cosmetic creams.

white cream jar

This is our newly launched white cream jar, suitable for storing face creams. We offer customization for different sizes and capacities. Feel free to inquire if you have any questions!

empty cream jar

Our empty cream jar have high customization capabilities. You can specify various customization needs for your product, such as capacity, size, material, and color. Our professional team is ready at any time to address your requirements.

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Why Choose Rowell Cream Jar Packaging

Stable color coated

Thickened glass material for cream jar,enviromental friendly without chemical

leaking proof

Various cap matched the cream jar very well and anti-leaking for liquid products

Large Stock
Large Stock

Our glass jar is large stock with different styles,short delivery time

stable color coated
Stable Color Coated

All color coated is available,special lacquer and experience workers make the bottle with stable color

Cream Jar Features

Raw material of cream jar is 100% glass ,auto machine production line makes the bottle with uniform thickness and base. The bottles are no bubles and cracks .Surface is with high brightness and smooth surface.

cream jar features
Mould design

Mould Design

Over 14 years experience professional R&D team ,with many successful new mould developments cases .
Available in a variety of styles with leak-proof gaskets.Customized bottle mould design and cap mould design for glass cream jar are available.

Customized Color Coated and Logo

Available in logo printing,packaging,graphic customization of cosmetic cream jar.all our products provide free samples.
We have different color coatings for glass bottles such as silk screen printing, hot stamping, water transfer printing for your selections.

Color coated and Logo printing

Auto Production Line with Stable Quality

Auto production line with stable quality1
Auto production line with stable quality2

Auto production line with stable quality,high grade raw material makes the bottle with high brightness .
Partition currugated box for caps and jars ,very safe during the transportation .
24h online QC during the whole production,quality can be ensured .

Different Cream Jar Series

glass cream jars
Glass Cream Jar

Generally, it is a small glass jar, which has various forms such as milky white, frosted transparent, colorless transparent, color transparent and gradient color, and the capacity is also different. 5g,15g,20g,25g,30g,50g,60g and so on selections.

Cosmetic Cream Jar

For cosmetic cream jar packaging, there are three main materials and appearance packaging forms in the current market. The first is the glass cream bottle, high-grade and beautiful appearance, mainly used in some high-end cosmetics brand packaging.

The second is a plastic cream bottle, which is used in many medical creams.

The third is the hose cream bottle, this kind of cream bottle is convenient to carry, the middle and low end of the cosmetics packaging mostly use this form of packaging.

cream jar pic
Rowell-Your China Cosmetic Cream Jar Supplier

Rowell supplies a variety of cream jars in bulk,also supply different covers, such as clear, frosted, black,white, amber, green, and pink,etc.

we can accept any customization according to your design.

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