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Rowell is professional essential oil bottle manufacturers and suppliers in China,Custom for your product needs.

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Rowell Essential Oil Bottle

The classic styles of essential oil bottle are transparent, brown, green, blue, porcelain, white and black original material,and there are plastic and alumiun cap and rubber top and glass pipette for accessories.
The capacity for essential oil glass bottle will be 5ml,10ml,15ml,20ml,30ml,50ml,100ml etc.

15ml Blue bottle

5ml 10ml 15ml 20ml 30ml 50ml 100ml Empty classical cylinder blue esssential oil glass bottle with black collar and black rubber top can be frosted if you need.

5ml Classical bottle

5ml Classical cylinder blue essential oil glass bottle and shiny gold aluminum cap with plug.
Easy to carry when traveling for 5ml mini essential oil glass bottle packaging.

20ml Luxury coating bottle

20ml Luxury coating shiny white esstial oil bottle with alumiunm shoulder andh UV shiny gold basket dropper.

10ml White bottle
10ml White Essential Oil Bottles

10ml 15ml 30ml 50ml Porcelain white essential oil glass bottle can be customized logo on the bottle.Customized any colors for plastic collar and rubber top if you need.

30ml UV Matte bottle
30ml UV Matte Essential Oil Bottle

This 30ml UV matte color essential oil bottle is coating color by 3 layers for sunshine- resisted.
Can be customized any design logo and any color rubber top and measured glass pipette.

Black Esssential Oil bottle
Cylinder Black Esssential Oil Glass Bottle

5ml 10ml 30ml 50ml 100ml Empty classical cylinder black esssential oil glass bottle with black collar and black rubber top can be proof sunshine.

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Rowell Essential Oil Bottle Features

QC Team

QC team production line full inspection on essential oil glass bottle to assurance prodcut quality.

Full set of products
Full Set of Products

Full set of products includs bottle,dropper,cap and box packaging can be customized through our design team.

Sunshine Resisted
Sunshine Resisted

Essential oil glass bottle packing is original color material glass bottle for sunshine resisted.

Safe and Non-toxic
Safe and Non-toxic

Eco- friendly round essential oil glass bottle is safe, hygienic, non-toxic and harmless, has good corrosion resistance and acid corrosion resistance.

New Design Drawing

Design 3D drawing for bottle and cap,then physical samples after 3D mold,according to client’s idea and physical samples.

new design drawing
custom printed logo

Custom Printed Logo

Spray coating any color and hot stamping, silk-screen printing,decal, stick label brand logo on the bottle,according to client’s brand positioning,according to your requirement.

Complete Products

Dropper accessories,rubber top, aluminum and plastic material collars,glass pipette full set can be offered ,according to your requirement.

Complete products

Packaging for Serum Bottle and Dropper Accessories

dropper packaging

Export standard 5 layers carton packaging,clear bottles are packed by grid blocking, and frosted and coating color bottles are packed in bags within carton. The assembled dropper can be customized for corrugated plate packing for safe or bulk packing for saving cost,they are all available for you.

Why Choose Rowell for Essential Oil Bottle

Quality assurance
Quality Assurance

Professional QC team will inspect essential oil glass bottle,coating color artwork,silk-sreen printing and hot stamping ,decal and stick label on the bottle and in 24/7 to assurance product quality.


SGG certificate for material and product is issued from our company,if you need. Then we also could issue COA before shipment for you.

Production Line
Production Line

Millions of glass bottles monthly out put by our production line machine. Coating any color and craft artwork on the bottle by our coating and printing machine. To better lead time and ODM &OEM service for you.

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Wholesale Essential Oil Bottles Factory | Rowell

Rowell stock essential oil bottle for a variety of uses, different sizes and shapes, on-time delivery. we support OEM/ODM to meet customer needs.

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