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Square Glass Jar

Glass jars are common in kitchen storage, and this is our square-shaped glass jar. Additionally, we offer Mason jars for your selection. With varied designs in shape, capacity, material, size, and more, we provide a diverse range of products. For your personalized customization needs such as logos, packaging, etc., our professional team is dedicated to assisting you. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any specific requirements.

  • Square design for easy stacking and transportation.
  • 15 years of production experience, support product customization services.
  • Glass material, more fresh, more ECO friendly.

China Wholesale Glass Jar

As a experienced manufacturer in China, Rowell’s square glass jar are easy to stack and transport because of the square design.

We offer you OEM&ODM service, no matter size, lid or logo and package, just tell us your requirement we can provide you a specific solution about all kinds of glass jar, glass bottle.

glass jar

Food grade glass material, provide you a healthy and low-carbon life style. you can use our glass jar for food storge.

glass jar

Glass jar with a portable wooden spoon for easy use during meals. Unique design with beautiful texture.

glass jar

Wood lid with sealing ring, the leakproofness is good. Suitable for storage coffee beans and other kinds of spice.

glass jar
Glass Jar For Storge Spaghetti

We offer a variety of sizes, a variety of shapes customized. Keep your items organized and receptivity.

mason jars
Mason Jar

Food grade anti-leak silicon gasket with excellent sealing. Our Mason Jar have variety size and design for you to choose.

glass jar
Glass Jar With Metal Lid

The metal lid is more durable than the plastic, and the sealing performance is better. Improves shelf life and freshness of food.

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Round Glass Jar Advantages

Different Capacities
Variety Capacity

We provide glass jar of nariety capacity, including 50ml,750ml,1000ml,etc.

Manufacturing Experience
Manufacturing Experience

We have about 14 years of manufacturing and molding experience for glass bottle products

Unique Outer Cap
Unique Outer Lid

Our lid of glass container is made of wood, it’s nature material also with a nice texture.

high borosilicate glass jar
High Borosilicate Glass Jar

The bottle is high borosilicate, no impurities, uniform material color, shallow seam line, the overall design is beautiful and generous.

Customization Capability

Different size for different useage, orderly storage, neat and natural. We have variety size for your option, from 250ml to 3500ml, we all can customized for you.

If you have your own design, welcome to consult! We have a professional design team to make your ideas come true.

glass jar
glass jar

Cheap Price

Our Empty lotion bottle products are face to high end market ,large of bottles and caps in different ranges can be flexiable matched ,it can meet your target price and lead time.


Professional production personnel with many years of experience, complete quality testing equipment, provide test report on line and certificate of analysis, including size, weight, painting, leaking and other the standard test items.

glass jar
glass jar
Come And Find Us

Our square glass jars are robust and inexpensive. You can choose to customize the size, capacity, lid material and your brand identity. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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