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Nail Polish Brush Manufacturer in China

Rowell as a nail polish glass bottle manufacturers have various product styles and complete specifications, and customize bottle shape,closures and neck dimensions,we can surely meet your production requirements according to different needs.

  • White,black nail polish brushes or customized
  • Different bristles quantity
  • Round, flat stick and more
  •  for common nail polish oil and GEL polish oil

Rowell Nail Polish Brush

Rowell have various nail polish brush supply to match different nail products. such as special brush for gel polish oil and regular brush for common nail polish oil.

the brush rod length and bristle size are customized according to bottle and cap size. black and white brush are widely accepted by clients. you can also customzied different quantity bristles brush, with different cut styles. following please check our different burshes:

White Nail Polish Brush

White art nail polish brush for nail art painting,matching with empty nail polish bottle

Wide Nail Polish Brush

Eco-friendly bamboo cap match with customzied double-head brush

Fan Shape

Fan shape cut white brush for gel polish oil, 800 pcs and 880 pcs bristles.

Round Rod
Round Rod Nail Polish Brush

Customized larger diameter,long round rod brush for glass nail polish bottle

Thin Nail Polish Brush
Thin Nail Polish Brush

White and black cap with unique design brush with insert cap

Wide Nail Polish Brush
Wide Nail Polish Brush

Customized triangle cut nail polish brush for gel polish

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Rowell Nail Polish Bottle Brush Benefits

leaking proof
No Leaking

Mathed brush and bottle, cap, ensure no leaking problem

High Chemical
High Chemical Stability

High chemical stability,the bristles will not be bent

Durable brush
Durable Brush

for gel polish oil application, brush can be replaced

Customzied Package

the brushes are packed with customized plastic tray

Costomized Length of Rod and Length of Bristle

the length of rod and bristles are flexible to meet all your requests on different nail polish bottles, so avoid the brush touching the bottom of glass bottle and benting.

Costomized Length of Rod and Length of Bristle
Bristle Quantity

Customzied Bristle Quantity

for different brush, we have 440pcs, 660pcs, 720pcs 800pcs and 880pcs bristles options, meet all your requests on brush.
it can be used for both gel polish oil bottle and common nail polish oil.

Customized Bristle Shape and Color

we have 3 different shape brush supply: flat cut, fan shape cut and triangle shape cut.
black and white brush bristles for gel polish oil and common nail polish bottle. regular and double-head brush.

Shape and Color

Nail Polish Brush Packing Methods

Brush Packing Methods
Nail Polish Brush Packing
  • all brushes are packed in bulk in small box, and than in 5 layers corrugated carton. the cost is lower than customized plastic tray.
  • all brushes are packed in plastic tray, than put in 5 layers corrugated carton. the plastic tray is customized size according to the brush size. the bristles will not be bent during long time transportation.
nail polish bottles brush
Best Nail Polish Brush Design

Rowell manufacturing the perfect nail polish bottle brushes for your product .first, the plastic rod are producted by injected machine, next step is brush brisltes insertion, daily capacity is about 50,000 pcs brushes each machine.Traditional common nail polish oil application.

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