Round Glass Jar

Round Glass Jar Manufacturer in China

Round glass jar professional produced by Rowell is a ideal assistant for your food storage, It’s with a transparent and durable texture, can be used to store pasta, marinate food. The high temperature resistant borosilicate material makes it suitable for various storage needs. Our glass jars are a combination of fashion and durability, come and improve your cooking skills with Rowell now!

  • Made of high borosilicate and has good temperature resistance
  • Good sealing, can prevent air and odor entering
  • Use wood cover to seal, natural and beautiful
  • Capacity Optional, applicable to different use cases

Rowell Round Glass Jar

Our glass jars have good temperature resistance, suitable for cooking and refrigeration. The wooden lid seal is natural and beautiful, also the seal is good, which is the ideal choice for your food storage.

It can be used not only for storing food, but also for pickling, it’s a great assistant to your kitchen and refrigerator

round glass jar

High Borosilicate Sealed Glass Jar, food grade silicone sealing with bamboo lid

round glass jar

Round glass jar with wood lid, 3 types capacity for choice,500ml,750ml and 1000ml.

Glass Jar

Airtight sealed kitchen glass jar use for food storage, pickling, made of borosilicate and food grade sealing ring.

glass jar
Round Glass Jar with Handle

Transparent round glass jar with handle on the lid, which maks it easy to take off.

galss jar
Round Glass Jar with Wood Spoon

This glass container with a wood spoon is microwaveable, high borosilicate glass makes it has a good performance in temperature resistance.

round glass container
Round Glass Container for Food Pickling

Our glass jar have food grade sealing ring with good sealing performance, can use for storge food and pickling food.

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Round Glass Jar Advantages

Different Capacities
Variety Capacity

We provide glass jar of nariety capacity, including 50ml,750ml,1000ml,etc.

Manufacturing Experience
Manufacturing Experience

We have about 14 years of manufacturing and molding experience for glass bottle products

Unique Outer Cap
Unique Outer Lid

Our lid of glass container is made of wood, it’s nature material also with a nice texture.

high borosilicate glass jar
High Borosilicate Glass Jar

The bottle is high borosilicate, no impurities, uniform material color, shallow seam line, the overall design is beautiful and generous.

Customization Capability

Different size for different useage, orderly storage, neat and natural. We have variety size for your option, from 250ml to 3500ml, we all can customized for you.

If you have your own design, welcome to consult! We have a professional design team to make your ideas come true.

customization capability

Cheap Price

Our company is located in Xuzhou, China, at the heart of the glass packaging industry. Leveraging natural supply chain advantages, we can offer relatively competitive prices. However, affordability does not equate to compromising on quality; we firmly believe that product quality determines a company’s capabilities. Should you have personalized needs, we are also equipped for customization. If you’re interested in exploring other types of glass jar products, we invite you to consider our Mason jars.


Professional production personnel with many years of experience, complete quality testing equipment, provide test report on line and certificate of analysis, including size, weight, painting, leaking and other the standard test items.

Round Glass Jar
Wholesale Round Glass Jar Produced By Rowell

Since 2009, Rowell has been supplying high-grade and durable glass bottles to customers around the world. Rich and diverse bottle shapes,various capacity, closures,colors and so on to suit your custom requirements.

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