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Cosmetic Cream Jar Manufacturers in China

Rowell offers a wide range of cream jars,which are made from acrylic,glass and plastic material and store body lotion, moisturizing cream, cream, etc.

  • Wide mouth easy to fill
  • with various airtight cap
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Convenient usage

Rowell Cosmetic Cream Jar

For cosmetic cream jar packaging, there are three main materials and appearance packaging forms in the current market. The first is the glass cream bottle, high-grade and beautiful appearance, mainly used in some high-end cosmetics brand packaging.

The second is a plastic cream bottle, which is used in many medical creams.

The third is the hose cream bottle, this kind of cream bottle is convenient to carry, the middle and low end of the cosmetics packaging mostly use this form of packaging.

acrylic cream jar

High end acrylic cream jar,face to the high end market.available mould to save tooling charge, series design with lotion bottle .

luxury cosmetic cream jar

Unique design make it look fancy and high grade , with cap and gasket.It is matched the innovation design market well, available with mould ,which can save the cost.

oval shape cream jar

Acylic oval shape cream jar,the cap and gasket are well matched. It is safe for transport , also save the measurement.

round cosmetic cram jar

Unique design acrylic cream jar with golden cap and gasket.Available mould of the jar, it can save the lead time. Different volume is available.

Rowell specializes in supplying eye cream jars. To preserve the active ingredients, we use glass material for the bottles. If required, we can also use dark-colored glass to avoid the impact of light on the efficacy of the active components.

white plastic cream jar

Competitve price of plastic material cream jar with cap. Plastic material can ensure the safty during transportation , light weight can save the cost of shipping .

50ml glass cream jar

Cream jar in square shape,nice looking. The cap is with position which can ensure the cap and jar very well.It also with series lotion bottles.

diamond cut cream jar pink

A fashion cream jar with diamond-cut decorative pattern, the capacity is optional, 30ml or 50ml. This cream jar is made of acrylic material, lightweight yet with excellent transparency, allowing the product to showcase a beautiful texture.

face cream jar

A cream jar designed for storing facial care liquids. Customizable production with excellent sealing properties.

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Cosmetic Cream Jar Features

High-end market suitable
High Grade

Acrylic and plastic material ,thick and wear-resistant, ideal for long-time use.

easy to carry
Easy to take

Light weight easy to carry.It is refillable and recycle. our products are enviroment friendly.

leaking proof

Standard neck finish ,suitable for cap matching. different cap designs are available.

Optimal Features
Food Grade

Empty clear plastic jars with lids round storage containers wide-mouth.

Capacity Options

Customized capacity of glass cream jar is available.Widely volume range :

  • 5g-10g
  • 15g-25g
  • 30g
  • 50g
  • 100g
  • 150g
  • 200g,etc.

Customized Color

Large colors selection are available.Customized color making ,we can coating the color accord to your pantone NO. or your samples.Clear glass and amber color are widely used.

Bottle design

Costomized glass jar design are available ,and the customization process is as follows:

  • Manuscript
  • Plan Drawing
  • 3D Drawing
  • 3D Sample
  • Mass production
Bottle design

Your Professional Cosmetic Cream Jar Manufacturer | Rowell

Safe Packing Method
Safe Packing Method

We have a complete packaging system, professional packaging options.Partition currugated box for caps and jars , then packed into the pallets,these can ensure the transportation safty very well .

Different Delivery Methods
Different Delivery Methods

Different delivery methods can be offered,by air /sea /train or we can combined them as per your requests .

Small MOQ

Rowell manufactures convenient to use and glass bottles suitable for cosmetics, with large stock which can save your lead time .

cosmetic cream jar
Cream Jars Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale

Rowell specializes in the production of various cosmetic cream production line with stable quality , high grade raw material makes the bottle with high brightness.

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