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Bulk Reed Diffuser Bottles Wholesale

Rowell supplies different types of reed diffuser bottles,the bottle is is made of high-grade glass. various color can be customized,different shapes and designs depend on your requirements.

  • Capacity options 30ml-500ml
  • with diffuser sticks to assist volatilization
  • Different wooden rings
  • Custom various patterns on the surface


Rowell Reed Diffuser Bottle

Rowell reed diffuser bottles are mainly used for home oil fragrance,uses a water-absorbent, oil-absorbent, or volatile plant or object to diffuse essential oils onto the vine or flower and diffuse them into the air to keep the interior clean.
diffuser bottles of different colors, clear, purple, black, blue, white and so on, also can be color coated. we provide a variety of color bottles for you to choose from.

100ml octagon reed diffuser bottle

100ml octagon shape clear glass home fragrance reed diffuser bottle with ball rattan sticks
The sloping shoulder makes the bottle look like unique,with the polymer cork stopper

150ml round reed diffuser bottle

150ml cylindrical glass aromatherapy bottles with fiber rod anodized aluminum cover
silver color collar and inner cover anti-leaking,flat thick base makes the bottle look fancy

200ml gradient reed diffuser bottle

200ml gradient blue/amber/ pink diffuser bottle with cork,bell mouth with inner plug
glass room aroma polygonal gradient traslucent coated diffuser bottle

150ml luxury reed diffuser bottle
150ml Gradient Translucent Reed Diffuser Bottle

150ml luxury reed diffuser bottle with reed sticksand cork,gradient blue/green/yellow/pink color coated surface,flint glass classic cork design matching mouth perfectly

200ml cylindrical glass diffuser bottle
200ml Reed Diffuser Bottle with Metal Gray Collar

200ml cylindrical glass diffuser bottle with volatile nature rattan stick
200ml large capacity bottle with anodized aluminum cover,screw cap with metal gray collar

120ml reed diffuser bottle
4oz Empty Coloured Glass Reed Diffuser Bottles

120ml aromatic white,pink,red,gradient amber diffuser glass bottle with reeds volatile rods
classic cylinder bottle shape and smooth bottle shoulder line,different coated techniques show different styles

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Rowell Diffuser Glass Bottle Features

various shape
Our Diffuser Bottle Shape Supply

Any kind of shape can be customized include square, round, rectangular, elliptical, spherical and others for your design.

inner stopper
Excellent Inner Stopper

diffuser bottle with PE plug or PP gasket lock inside diffuser liquid very well, ensure that water-resisted or anti-leaking in transportation

Eco-friendly Wooden Lid
Eco-friendly Wooden Lid

Environmental-friendly wooden lid, deeply attracted by end-user and wholesaler, Any color and shape can be customized, even make logo on wooden cap for the private label and design.

Professional Inspection
Professional Inspection

rowell will do lots of testing included hardness testing, leaking testing, printing testing, color coated testing for customers before pre-production samples .

Excellent Sealing and Reliability

classic cork design matching mouth,PE plug or PP gasket lock inside diffuser liquid very well, ensure that water-resisted or anti-leaking in transportation.

Excellent Sealing and Reliability
Various Lids of Diffuser Bottle

Various Lids of Diffuser Bottle

The structure and shape of our diffuser bottle caps can be designed according to the needs of product packaging.
classic cork design matching bottle mouth perfectly , make sure there is airtightness and no leakage,various lids shapes is also good decoration;

Glass Diffuser Bottle Sizes

We offer custom sizes for smaller or larger designs on request. 30ml,50ml,80ml,100ml,120ml,150ml,200ml,300ml are available.
The specific capacity and bottle mouth diameter can be customized according to your requirements.

Glass Diffuser Bottle Sizes

Why Choose Reed Diffuser Bottle from Rowell

Customize Your Reed Diffuser Bottles
Customize Your Reed Diffuser Bottles

From rattan/fiber rod,bottle material,bottle surface technology,bottle mouth, inner plug,we can make according to your requirements, and we will give you the best advice according to your requirements, to ensure that the product is competitive in the market.

Experienced Team
Experienced Team

As a team that has been in this industry for more than 10 years, we are committed to providing customers with the best products, suggestions and services, which can make your products have the best competitiveness in the market.

Strict Selection of Raw Materials
Strict Selection of Raw Materials

We have strict supplier selection process, source all our glass-making raw materials from credible suppliers,we strictly control every link to ensure product quality.Quality assurance is the fundamental philosophy of our team.

reed diffuser bottles
Rowell - Your Expert Reed Diffuser Bottle Manufacturers in China

Rowell is superior-quality glass reed diffuser bottle factory,supplies custom all kinds of bottle,silk-screen printing, hot stamping, frosting, color painting,UV coated, decal and more are available

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