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Wholesale glass Lotion Bottles with Pump

Rowell offer one-stop solution of pump lotion glass bottle. You can choose from a wide range of glass bottles shapes and styles

  • For cosmetic lotion
  • 20ml-200ml capacity options
  • Variety materials
  • Durable and easy to use

Rowell Glass Lotion Pump Bottles

A pump bottle used in the packaging of cosmetic lotion is called a pump lotion bottle. Cosmetics lotion bottle packaging has several characteristics at present, one is high taste, cosmetic packaging is basically showing the trend of high taste, no matter the material or printing;

The other is generally with a pump head, because of the particularity of emulsion products, emulsion bottle will basically have a pump head; The third is durable, easy to use, easy to use is also very important.


30ml lotion glass bottle :High brightness glass bottle with press pump,which is suitable for the lotion cosmetics.

100ml Frosted lotion bottle

Glass bottle with thick base, golden color pump can despense the cosmetics well.
Different size capacity for choosing,40ml,100ml,120ml

green lotion bottle

Color pump bottle : Black transparent color coated bottle for lotion with pump.

Square Lotion bottle

Square design pump bottle : Series products with cream jar and lotion bottle , bottle is with pump.

50ml Cylinder lotion bottle

50ml pump bottle : Cylinder shape glass bottle with white plastic pump,30ml-120ml are available.

Blue Lotion Bottle

Rowell blue lotion bottle. Made of ECO friendly glass material. Glass, being a stable material, doesn’t readily react with products, thereby ensuring better preservation of your items.

The bottle is spray with blue color. Accept customized color service.

Brown Lotion Bottle

Brown lotion bottle produced by Rowell in China, the capacity is customized. Dark color is suitable for natural skin care product storge.

Green Lotion Bottle

This green lotion bottle made of glass, which is a ECO- friendly material. We use glass spray coating process to give the bottle a green color. You can also choose other colors based on your brand preferences. For more customization details, please feel free to contact us.

Pink Lotion Bottle

Pink lotion bottle produced by Rowell. Can customized pump, cap, size.

We offer you multiple produce craft like: Frosted, High Transparency, Spray, Coating, Laser Etching, Sandblasting, Heat Transfer and so on.

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Reliable Glass Lotion Bottles Advantages

Certificate Approved

Each lotion bottle is strictly quality controlled, and certificates are available

safe use
Safe to Use

Durable material, chemical-free, and oil resistance,suitable for various cosmetics products

leaking proof

Cap and bottle are well matched, each bottle will have a corresponding pump head and bottle cap

superior-quality glass
High quality

Advanced production technology and strict control of incoming raw materials to ensure the quality of the bottles

Color customization

Shanghai Rowell have  own glass bottle production factory, to meet any customer customization needs, a variety of colors, styles, support to figure customization.Our lotion bottle products are face to high end market ,large of bottles and caps in different ranges can be flexiable matched ,it can meet your target price and lead time.

Color customization
OEM services

Cutomized service

Available for customized service of face,body lotion bottle.A professional R&D dept serves over 100 clients for new design development , we can avoid additional cost and time waste .It is can be made series products of cream jar and lotion bottle ,which can meet your requirement in one time.

QC System

Our glass lotion bottle is short lead time,ready to ship.Auto line with high output per day can ensure the lead time requests , 24h online QC and package workshop make the production constantly go .
Professional QA personnel with many years of experience, complete quality testing equipment, provide test report on line and certificate of analysis, including size, weight, painting, leaking and other the standard test items.

QC System

Custom Printed Glass Lotion Bottles with Pump

Bottles Customized
Bottles Customized

provide custom shapes,style for lotion bottles,based on your needs.cylinder square oval customized design are available .Surface can be color coated with silk screen printing ,hot stamping and decal

Mould Selections
Mould Selections

Large number of lotion bottle mould selections.we have a 15 years mould creating factory with short lead time of the mould making,the designer is special in cosmetic package creating , mould is with high grade metal .

Graphic printing process

our glass bottles are perfect for storing product. our frosted glass lotion bottle helps prevent damage to your photo sensitive products from uv sunlight.

glass lotion bottle
Glass Lotion Pump Bottle Manufacturers in China

We are one-stop lotion pump bottle manufacturer in China. all glass bottles are BPA-free, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

We support OEM and ODM designs to satisfy your specific requirements

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