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Body Lotion Bottle Manufacturers in China

Rowell is a reliable supplier that provides superior-quality body lotion bottles ,it is widely used for storing cosmetic products,with pump is to solve the various problems in the use of lotion.

  • Professional customization
  • Flexible solution
  • Good barrier against moisture
  • Affordable price

Rowell Body Glass Lotion Bottle

More and more cosmetics packaging began to use a pump head of cosmetics glass bottle,a wide of application,such as body lotion,face cream,serum,hand sanitizer gel,etc.
The body lotion bottles can control the amount of lotion well through extrusion, but also solve the problem of residual body lotion.

Pink color lotion bottle

small volume pink color bottle with pump. luxury boston round glass bottles perfect for gifts in aromatherapy, home, kitchen, bath, decor, gifts, and resell.

Square shape pump bottle

Small lotion bottle with black pump . These bottles are made of thick glass that protects for a luxury, upscale aesthetic.

Flint glass bottle

Oval design lotion bottle with pump. Bottles are easy to clean, reuse, and recycle. Dishwasher safe

White bottle with pump
White Body Lotion Bottle with Pump

Fancy design white bottle with golden color pump . Our pump bottles protect your diy creams, lotions, moisturizers, soaps, and sanitizers.

Amber Glass Bottle
Amber Glass Body Lotion Bottles

high grade glass bottle with color coated,pump is white plastic one . The lotion pump closure has a pump which can be pressed down to expel lotions, sanitizer, and other creams.

Plastic pump bottle
Empty Plastic Body Lotion Bottles

White color plastic lotion bottle , easy to carry , with despenser cap.Our lotion pump closures are perfect for dispensing your product and come in white, black, gold, and silver options.

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Rowell Body Lotion Bottles Features

Stable printing work
Stable printing work

High quality and stable printing work with your logo

High-end market suitable
High-end market suitable

Large number of selections for high end marker

Suitable cap and bottle
Suitable cap and bottle

Well matched bottles and pumps can ensure no leaking

100% light-proof
blocking UV

If you are bottling light-sensitive products, avoid clear non-colored bottles. Opal, Amber and Cobalt Blue bottles are best for blocking UV clear non-colored bottles


Suitable for cosmetics



Flexible MOQ according to your needs


Different package methods can be offered


Auto production line

mould production line
Auto production line

Auto production line with stable quality,high grade raw material makes the bottle with high brightness . Different packing methods are available ,price is very copetitive according to your needs .

Choose Rowell Glass Body Lotion Bottles

A large number of bottles applications
Bottles Applications

A large number of bottles applications.Customized designs are available too

Large output
Large Output

Our company owns a fully automatic production line, and excellent product development. thus, we can produce 200,000 pieces of polypropylene bottles every day

glass bottle manufacturer
Advantages of Glass Bottle

Simply appearance and translucent bottle body,can knows the condition of contents and prevent the air pollution,keep clean and sanitary.

body lotion bottle banner
Rowell-Your Body Lotion Bottle Design

Rowell has been focusing on the wholesale of empty body lotion bottles,which are widely used for different cosmetic products.Welcome to Rowell to inquire about quotation, we will meet different needs according to your products

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