perfume bottle packaging

Perfume Bottle Packaging

Rowell wholesale Perfume Glass bottle 10-500ml;

Transparent, high flint, red, pink black and other different colors to choose from.

Provide supporting packaging, can be customized logo, to figure customization

  • More Design Options
  • Box perfume bottle customization service
  • Customizable Labeling
  • Perfect Sale Srvice
  • Matching package

Rowell Perfume Bottles with Packaging

We not only provide personalized perfume bottle service, but also for your business escort, provide and perfume bottle matching packaging, more suitable for sale

The MOQ is flexible the stock is available.

perfume bottle packaging

available 30ml,50ml and 100ml glass perfume bottle sample perfume bottle.with black spray cap, well sealed

perfume bottle packaging

100ml empty perfume glass bottle with pump sprayers,matching caps. Free sample is available for testing before ordering.

perfume bottle packaging

Perfume bottle, packaging box can be customized, perfume bottle different capacity, various colors, packaging box provides logo customization

perfume bottle packaging
15ml Drop-shaped Perfume Glass Bottle

Various shapes of perfume bottles, to meet your various needs for all kinds of scenarios

perfume bottle package

50ml Square glass spray bottle. Custom printing waterproof perfume bottle,skin care products glass bottle with logo label sticker. Clear acrylic outer cap,new design perfumes bottle with packaging

perfume bottle packaging

crystal white material glass .blue,wine red,jade white,clear,smoky gray ,semi transparent black for your choice.

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Rowell Glass Perfume Bottle Advantages

leaking proof

Every perfume neck is standard size, we test the bottle and cap before ship to customer.We can assure there is no any leaking problem.

Screw neck
Screw Neck Design

Screw neck design is flexible.13mm,15mm,18mm is workable.small bottle shape is convenient to take.

Free Samples
Free Samples

Free samples are available,we can provide customized samples before the order confirmed.

stable color coated
Surface Treatment

silk screen printing,hot stamping,label sticker,frosted,color coated,and more craft work

Bottle Mouth

some perfume bottle‘s mouth design is crimp, but many customers prefer the screw type since screw bottles are more easier to assemble, so we can change the orginal bottle mouth to screw type.

Bottle mouth
packaging customized

Packaging customized

According to the capacity of different perfume bottles to provide suitable packaging boxes, boxes can be customized pattern, logo customization, convenient sales.

Capacity Customized

Shanghai Rowell glass bottle production and sales experience of 14 years, professional production equipment, can provide a variety of capacity of perfume bottles 10-100 ml, all shapes of perfume bottles square round water drop type

perfume bottle

How to Choose Empty Glass Perfume Bottles

High quality glass material
High Quality Glass Material

It is difficult to volatilize harmful substances,and it has good barrier performance.Good chemical stability, it has good chemical stability and durability, safety and health, good corrosion resistance and acid corrosion resistance

Bottom thickness
The Bottom Thickness

We are think highly of the bottle bottom design,the thicker bottom bottle looks luxury. The bottle is stable when you put it on the table.

The aluminum sprayer
The Aluminum Sprayer

Product pump smoothly, fast out of the liquid, one time can be, spray out like fog. No deformation, no cracking, no leakage, and filled with water bottles after assembly, prevent liquid leakage

banner perfume bottle packaging supplier
Perfume Bottle Packaging Supplier

Rowell offer unique design and high quality standard of perfume bottles. These perfume bottles are generally made out of glass material, which can retain the perfume’s scent longer to extend its shelf life.

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