Classic Perfume Packaging & Design: Style Never Fades

The perfume packaging is the first impression of a perfume. Driven by the concept of fashion, people’s understanding of beauty is also constantly changing. But there are some classic designs that never go out of style.

perfume packaging

“A Woman’s Perfume, A Scent Of Woman.”

Many years later, as she faced the huge success of No.5 perfume. Coco Chanel was to remember that defining moment when she first conceived the perfume of No. 5, her olfactory masterpiece.

This is not the usual floral or natural smell, but a conceptual sense of atmosphere. Even the bottle design of perfume No. 5 is very simple. It features a rectangular glass bottle design and a gold label.This was in keeping with Chanel’s usual minimalist fashion style, which made it seem very niche and unique at the time. The classic perfume bottle design also has helped Perfume No. 5 become one of the most iconic and timeless perfumes in the world.

For consumers, choosing a perfume often means discovering a new way of self-expression. As a manufacturer of perfume bottles, we know that perfume carries a lot of emotions for consumers beyond the product. So we always committed to making each perfume bottle a unique story, just like Chanel No. 5 has become a timeless classic.

perfume bottle

“Fashion Fades, Only Style Remains The Same.”

What is Chanel’s style left for us? Personality, freedom, or subversion? Believe that everyone has their own answer. For Rowell, the manufacture of perfume packaging is not only the combination of crafts and material, but also it’s a stage of art and design. We incorporate style into our products, salute to classic design. Because the pursuit of beauty is also our constant philosophy.

As a bridge connecting products and consumers, perfume bottles are an important part of the product. We are very pleased to discuss with you more about your favorite perfume bottle design and to present it in your products. If you have more ideas, please send your inquiry today! We are looking forward to hear from you soon.

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