Which material is better for drinking water?

Winter is coming, so winter health preservation requires drinking more water, and the benefits of drinking water will not be listed here. However, there are many materials used in regular water cups. Which material is better for drinking water? Let’s take a look together with me.


Glass Cup: Practical Safety Imitation Cracking


The first choice for drinking water glasses should be glasses, especially for office and home users. A glass is not only transparent and beautiful, but also the healthiest and safest among all cups made of different materials. Glass cups are made from inorganic silicate materials and do not contain organic chemicals during the firing process. When people drink water or other beverages from glass cups, they do not need to worry about chemicals being consumed into their stomachs; Moreover, the glass surface is smooth and easy to clean, and bacteria and dirt are not easy to breed on the cup wall. Therefore, drinking water from a glass cup is the healthiest and safest way for people. The only thing to note is that glasses are most afraid of thermal expansion and contraction. Can you put glass cup in the microwave? My answer is yes! What happens if i microwave an empty glass cup Glasses? My answer is Nothing happened with it. with low temperatures should not be immediately filled with hot water to prevent them from exploding.


The glass itself does not have color, and there are two possibilities for the production of colored glass cups: A natural color, which originally contained some minerals in the glass, making the glass cup colored; Most colored glass cups are made by adding pigments during the processing and production process, and these pigments generally contain heavy metals. But color cannot be the reason for the problem with the glass.






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