what to do with old perfume bottles

Perfume bottles almost every design is very beautiful, so after use are reluctant to throw away, then you know how to use empty perfume bottles?

After the perfume bottle has just been used, unscrew the lid, and put it in the closet, the residual perfume will make the clothes in the closet send out a light fragrance

Can also be used as decorative small objects, placed in the need of decoration

You can also treat the perfume bottle as a collection, many perfume bottle design is very beautiful and unique, can be called a piece of art, like some well-known brands, more worthy of collection.

Leave the empty bottles behind and go to some perfume shops to buy perfumes that can be canned on the spot, in your own choice of flavor.If you need to fill it yourself and don’t know how to operate, you can read another article we published
Empty perfume bottles can also be put into the perfume bottle, as a perfume bottle in the room, friends at home with a car can put these old perfume bottles in the car so that the fragrance will fill the space inside the car
A beautiful perfume bottle is also a good decoration, which can be put into different colors of liquid, bright and transparent, placed in a row, is also very good.
Of course, you can also do DIY, put some beautiful flowers into the empty perfume bottle is also very nice
empty perfume bottle
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