Tips And Process Of Making Essential Oil Candles

How to make candles with essential oils? For many people, crafting homemade items is a pursuit of life’s little pleasures. We hope our sharing on making scented candles can add a touch of delight to your life.

essential oil candles

Material Preparation

Before making scented candles, we need to prepare the necessary materials. These include: choosing the wax, glass jars, wicks, glue, heat gun, pot, and essential oils. Let’s break it down step by step.

1.Wax ratio selection

Different proportions of wax will have different burning effects, you can choose the burning effect according to your requirement.

  • Smooth combustion: 100% soy wax, it allows the candle to burn evenly and smoothly, while having good adhesion. Soy wax burns thoroughly and produces minimal smoke. However, it has a high softness and tends to soften in summer, requiring storage in a cool environment.
  • Excellent adhesion: 80% soy wax and 20% coconut wax. Mixing two types of wax can enhance adhesion and prevent the occurrence of voids or detachment on the candle’s vessel walls.
  • Enhance aroma effect: 90% soy wax and 10% microcrystalline wax. Using a blend of low-melting microcrystalline wax and soy wax can intensify the fragrance released during burning, allowing you to achieve potent aromas with only a small amount of essential oil added.

soy wax

2.Other materials

  1. Glass Jar: You can use glass jars made from high borosilicate, which can withstand the high temperatures generated by candle burning without easily breaking.
  2. Wicks: For most common candle jar sizes, using a cotton wick with a thread count between 27 and 40 will suffice.
  3. Glue: Glue is used to secure the wicks to the bottom of the glass jar.
  4. Heat Gun: Use to heat the cup walls during production, preventing wax separation from the walls.
  5. Pot: Pot is used to heat wax.

essential oil candle


When making candles, it’s crucial to use specially formulated candle fragrance oils, which are lipid-soluble. Adding water-soluble oils can affect the candle’s solidification. Typically, candle fragrance oils are added at a rate of 5% to 10% of the candle’s weight. Excessive amounts may hinder complete oil dissolution, impacting the burning process.

Process Of Making Essential Oil Candles

  1. Clean the glass jar thoroughly and secure the wick to the bottom using glue.
  2. Choose the preferred wax based on personal preference, then heat it in a pot until it melts.
  3. Add 5% to 10% of aromatic essential oil to the melted wax, according to the wax’s weight, and stir thoroughly.
  4. Use a heat gun to preheat the glass jar to a temperature close to that of the melted wax, then pour the wax into the jar.
  5. Allow it to cool. Once cooled, the candle is ready for use. You can decorate the essential oil candle in various styles according to your preferences, such as a Christmas-themed candle.

candle jar


The above information outlines how to make candles with essential oils , hoping it proves helpful to you. We also have an article about creative uses for glass jars. If you’re interested in incorporating these creative ideas into your life’s decor, consider giving it a read.

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