The Best Way to Store Essential Oil Bottles

Reusing essential oil bottles are ideal for storing volatile liquids, popular in cosmetics.Essential oils are volatile, and dark color bottle is best for essential oils.So how to storing essential oil bottles during use?

essential oil container

  • 1. After use, be sure to close the cap tightly to avoid oxidation and volatilization of essential oils.
  • 2. Essential oil is a flammable liquid. When storing essential oil bottles, keep away from fire sources and do not throw them away at will.
  • 3. Do not put it in a humid environment after use, such as bathroom and sink.
  • 4. Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature places for essential oil bottles.
  • 5. The most suitable storage temperature for essential oil bottles is about 25 degrees.Generally stored in a cool dry place,such as drawers, bedside tables, storage cabinets, etc., the best storage package is the wooden packaging box.
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