Storage for Nail Polish Bottles

In daily life, the amount of nail polish is very small, so storage for nail polish bottles has always been a problem.

How long does gel nail polish last in the bottle?Nail polish glue is also called QQ glue, barbie glue, phototherapy glue, etc. The main components are natural resin and some color materials, and the general storage period is about 2 years.

Nail varnish bottle storage has the following precautions:

  • 1. Choose gel nail polish bottles with gelatin caps. After use, tighten the caps in time to seal them well.
  • 2. After use, the nail polish bottle mouth must be cleaned.You can take a small piece of cotton pad and dip it in nail polish remover or alcohol, and wipe the mouth of the bottle repeatedly.
  • 3. Keep away from any heat sources or places near power sources.
  • 4. It is forbidden to put it in the bathroom, the corner of the table and other places that are easy to slip.
  • 5. Keep away from direct sunlight and avoid contact with ultraviolet light.
  • 6. Store nail polish in a cool and dry place.

storage for nail polish bottle

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