Nail Polish Brush Replacement

Rowell wholesale various types of nail polish brushes, can be matched with caps. Brush rods are generally round and oblate types. Nail polish brushes are durable, reusable and replaceable.

So what to do about nail polish brushes replacement during use?

  • 1. Open the nail polish bottle to clean the brush, soak it with nail polish diluent or nail polish remover
  • 2. Fix the cap, turn the nail polish brush rod until it is loose, and you can successfully take down the old nail polish brush
  • 3. Put the new brush in the nail polish bottle cap and turn it,push up to install successfully

The brushes may be forked during transport,In this case, you can blow it with hot air or scald it with hot water, and then dry it to restore it.

nail polish brush replacement

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