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Gel Polish Bottle Manufacturer in China

Rowell is an supplier of Glass Bottle, we are committed to providing various styles of gel nail polish bottle. Customizable sizes, shapes, caps and brushes

  • 3 layers color coating
  • UV proof GEL
  • 3-15ml or customized capacity
  • Provided freely

Gel Polish Bottle Wholesale from Rowell

Transparent nail polish glass bottle are coated with solid customized color, that is for GEL polish oil products. 3 layers color coating ensure 100% light-proof, it can protect the gel polish oil from being dried after filling.

  • matte color, shiny color both can be customized according to pantone color number or real color samples.
  • the color coating is stable enough and will not fall off when touching or scratching.
Oval Gel Polish Bottle
  • 15ml oval/oblate design empty glass bottle,also with 7.5ml 10ml same shape bottle supply
  • Customized single color coating and dual color coating, with window indicator
Square Gel Polish Bottle
Gel Polish Bottle with Wooden Cap
  • 0.5oz square glass bottle with 3 layers color coating for gel polish oil
  • Natural wooden cap customized size with inner plastic cap and brush
Matte White Gel Polish Bottle
10ml Matte White Nail Gel Polish Bottle
  • 10ml flat square glass bottle coated with matte matte white with dots
  • Injected plastic cap and UV plastic cap
9ml Gel Polish Bottle
9ml Matte Black Nail Gel Polish Bottle
  • 9ml cylinder glass bottle coated with matte black, matte white, shiny white, shiny black, 100% light proof
  • Injected plastic cap and UV plastic cap
Pink Gel Polish Bottle
15ml Square Pink UV Gel Polish Bottle
  • Pink color coated 15ml square glass nail polish bottle for gel polish oil
  • Luxury design double wall plastic cap with gold inside
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Gel Nail Polish Bottle Features


all glass bottles are eco-friendly material made, can be used recycled.

100% light-proof
Light-proof Color Coated

3 layers color coating make the bottle 100% light-proof to protect the Gel polish from dring.

custom capacity
Customized Capacity

differenct volume from 3ml to 20ml bottles all are available, with sqaure or round or other shapes.

custom brush
OEM & ODM Brush

various nail polish brush can be customized to match dfferent gel polish products

Bottle Shape Options

Every empty nail polish bottle can be costomized as your requests,you can choose from our bottle option.

  • Nail polish bottle with bamboo cap
  • Crystal nail polish bottle
  • UV gel nail polish bottle
  • Cute small nail polish bottles
  • Customize
Costomized Bottle Shape
Customized Surface Hanlding

Surface Hanlding Options

Our nail polish bottle craft has a professional process,we can provide a variety of customized logo services and surface hanlding:

  • Single Color
  • Two Colors
  • Silk Screen Printing
  • Hot Stamping
  • Label and More

Package Size Options

Regarding to nail polish glass bottle, plastic cap, and nail polish brush, we have different packing methods to protect the goods safe and intact during transportation. all package size are customized according to your order.

Package Size Options

Production Equipment of UV Gel Nail Polish Bottle

Automatic Machine
Automatic Machine

most nail polish glass bottles are produced by automatic machine. it can be produce 16pcs or 32 pcs glass bottle at the same time. daily capacity is about 1,000,000 pcs bottles.

Machine For Manufacturing Brushes
Machine For Manufacturing Brushes

Our nail polish brushes are replaceable and different design types, such as thin,wide,small nail polish brush etc.daily capacity is about 50,000 pcs brushes each machine.

Bottle Shape Options
Types of Nail Polish Bottles

Our nail polish bottle is made of clear flint glass ,durable and travel-friendly. Provide various types, vintage, uv gel, unique, luxury, cute, crystals nail polish bottle, etc.

gel nail polish bottles banner
Custom Made Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle

Rowell is a manufacturer that provides gel polish bottle customization services, supplies wholesale glass nail polish bottles.If you have specific requirements for your glass nail polish bottles, send us quote right away.

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