Liquid Aromatherapy Bottle use Method

Nowadays, people pay more attention to the quality of life, the pursuit of spiritual pleasure and satisfaction, aromatherapy diffuser has become a good helper to create a home atmosphere. Aromatherapy diffuser can produce a fresh and elegant aroma, which has a very obvious role in removing the odor of the room and beautifying the indoor environment. Pleasant perfume with the design of luxury packaging, is the choice of many people who love life. So what do you know about diffuser bottles? Next, let’s learn about the use of aromatherapy bottles with volatile sticks.

100ml diffuser bottle

Aromatherapy diffuser bottles with volatile rods are usually available in two styles, screw top and crimp top. The screw is generally paired with a plug and a collar, or gaskets (PE foam) with a collar. When you use it, the leak-proof plug or gasket needs to be removed, and the collar plays a decorative role. Crimp diffuser bottles always matched with wooden or polymer stopper.


Open it and add the essential oil about 3/4 of the amount of the bottle. Insert one end of the sticks into the bottle with the oil, and then dip the other end into the essential oil after taking it out. The purpose of doing this is to let the essential oil quickly soak the whole rods, which is conducive to the evaporation of the fragrance. Keep fire free fragrances in Spaces where needed, as far away from open flames as possible, and out of reach of children. No fire aroma can smell the aroma of the house after 24 hours, if the fragrance is too strong, you can put less than one or two rattan, the fragrance is too light, do not stir the rattan several times.

refillable reed diffuser bottle

Before using diffuser essential oil, it is necessary to understand its characteristics and use it according to the amount, attention not too much. Citrus aromatherapy oils, such as orange, lemon and bergamot, should not be sunbathed after use, otherwise it will stimulate pigment cell growth. Some aromatherapy oils are not suitable for pregnant women. Aromatherapy oil containers must be glass, ceramic or stainless steel containers, avoid plastic containers. Because the permeability of aromatherapy oil is strong, it will decompose the plastic molecules, and the oil quality will change and is no longer pure. Sunlight and strong light will destroy the oil, so when choosing glassware, you should choose a darker color. Avoid exposing the aromatherapy oil to the air, so that the aromatherapy molecules are oxidized, or polluted by dust particles in the air, adding impurities.


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