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Glass Cannabis Jar From Rowell

Since the legalization of cannabis, the industry of cannabis packaging has encountered numerous new opportunities and challenges. In order to meet the burgeoning demands in the market, cannabis packaging has evolved from product inception to functional differentiation and then to subtle homogenization. While complying with relevant regulations, we have introduced a variety of glass cannabis jars tailored to market needs, offering a new reference point for your products.

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Glass Cannabis Jar’s Advantage And Function

We primarily manufacture cannabis packaging jars made of glass material. Which outperforms other materials in terms of chemical stability and airtightness. This ensures that cannabis remains unaffected by moisture and maintains its quality. Additionally, we offer customization options for dark-colored glass jars according to your needs, providing protection against light exposure that might impact the quality of cannabis.

Different Type Of Glass Cannabis Jar

  • Size Customized

We offer a range of capacities to suit various storage needs, from small-scale individual usage scenarios to larger containers ranging from 1oz up to 16oz. You can select the appropriate jar size based on your specific requirements, ensuring the freshness and quality of your cannabis. Whether it’s for personal use or larger quantities, we’ve got you covered.

  • Logo Customized

Displaying your brand prominently on the packaging jar is crucial. We offer a customization service for tailored bottle designs. You can send us your design drafts for a personalized jar design.

  • Child Resistant

For the opening design of our cannabis jars, we implement a child-resistant design. This type of bottle opening cannot be easily accessed by children, ensuring both safety and enhanced airtightness of the jar.

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Child Safety And Social Responsibility

With the progression of cannabis legalization, the issue of child safety cannot be overlooked. There’s an increasing concern about children having easier access to cannabis products. Implementing child-resistant designs for cannabis jars is crucial. Rowell is committed to this social responsibility, offering enhanced protective designs for your products. Our offerings adhere to relevant laws and regulations. Specifically outlining THC and CBD content on our product labels allows consumers to clearly differentiate between various products.

Our Product Solution

Discover Rowell’s commitment to safety and quality in cannabis packaging. Our customized glass cannabis jars can be customized according to your any requirement.

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Rowell brings 15 years of expertise in the glass packaging industry, dedicated to delivering secure and aesthetically pleasing glass packaging solutions for you. Feel free to reach out with any ideas or inquiries – we’re here to assist!


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