How to wash the nail polish

pink nail polish bottle

How to judge the nail polish durability

Choose a lasting nail polish based on its color and smell, as well as its ingredients. Nail polish with a small smell and a heavy color may be a little longer, and a little longer if it contains materials such as rubber. You MM people must pay attention to these three points when choosing to choose a more lasting nail polish.

How to apply nail polish for longer periods of time

First, treat the sweet skin on the edge of the nail. Shake the nail polish before you use it to make the nail polish thicken moderately. Then before coloring must first disinfect, first on a layer of transparent base oil, this will make the color more firm and lasting, more bright. Finally, three layers of nail polish not only for a long time, the color will be more saturated.

Choose nail polish must have skill, not only from its smell, price and other aspects to buy, but also according to their own personal preferences and brand to buy.

where can i purchase empty nail polish bottles

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How to wash the nail polish
How to wash the nail polish to master 4 tips can be
1, when polish nail polish, first apply a thin layer of makeup remover, probably wait for a few minutes later, and then use some nail file things directly file, only a few minutes, you can easily remove the nail polish on the nail.
Before applying nail polish, you can use the protective film of the nail to wait until it is dry, and the surface of the nail will form a thin layer of transparent film, which will protect the nail from damage. In addition, to wash off the nail polish, just need to peel off the film, neither odor, but also no damage to the nails.
To clean the old nail polish, just apply it on it, then wait a few seconds before wiping it off. This way is both convenient, but also will not hurt the health of the nails.
In addition to the above methods, you can also apply nail polish before a layer of water glue, until the glue is dry before applying nail polish. When you want to change the color of your nails, just tear off the glue, and you can easily tear off the nail polish, quickly and easily.
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