How To Recycle Glass Bottle?

Glass is a common material in our daily life, and it is also a sustainable and environmentally friendly material.

According to EPA’s report(United Stated Environment Protection Agency), In 2018 USA, there’re 33.1% glassware are recycled. As a 100% recyclable material, it’s important to know how glass bottles recycled?

How To Recycle Glass Bottle

Progress Of Glass Bottle Recycle:


1 Clean the glass bottle to avoid contamination caused by residual liquid

2 You can find a glass recycling point near you, pack up the items and recycle them

3 You need to know which glass is not recyclable:Car windshields, Windows, light bulbs, etc. Due to different processes, these items cannot be recycled together with glass bottles. Please consult your local recycling point before disposing of these items to learn more.

After old glass bottles recycled, they are first sorted at the recycling center according to different colors and types. It will sent to the cleaning facility for crushing and cleaning. The broken pieces of glass will sent to a furnace heated to melted. After that, glasses will made into new bottles. After passing the corresponding quality inspection, it can be used for the market.
This is the life of glass. Through continuous recycling, our environment will become better and better.

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