How to Open a Perfume Bottle

At present, most perfume bottles are sealed when they leave the factory. If we need to open the perfume bottle, do you know how to operate it? Next, this article will introduce the correct way to open the perfume bottle in detail

how to open perfume bottle

1. Remove the lid from the perfume bottle and remove the nozzle. When placing the perfume bottle on a horizontal surface, pull the nozzle directly up with your finger and set it aside when the nozzle pops out.

2 Cut off the plastic valve: Loosen the metal around the bottle neck. perfuming
For the top, use a knife or sharp scissors to cut off any plastic and wrap the top of the plastic around the metal attached to the bottle. Gently, force the piece around the bottom of the exposed gold-cut connector, prying the metal all the way to the top of the bottle until it begins to loosen. Be careful not to put too much pressure on the bottle’s fine glass neck, which may cause the bottle to crack.

3. Use needle-nose pliers to remove the metal around the neck. Hold the perfume bottle firmly in one hand and the loose metal in the other hand. Apply slight pressure and pull the metal vertically upward until it leaves the perfume bottle. After the metal leaves the bottle, you can open the perfume bottle easily and smoothly.


The bottle of perfume is usually sealed with aluminum. If you want to open it, it cannot be opened unless it is destructively disassembled. Because perfumes and other fragrance products can spoil in the air. Long-term storage process, not sealed will evaporate. So the design can not be opened at will after the factory.

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