How to Open a Nail Polish Bottle

In daily life,your nail polish cap may not be opened, so how to open a nail polish bottle?The following ways to help you can open it:

  • 1.Rubber Band Method
    Prepare a few rubber bands to wrap around the cap and bottle body of nail polish bottle,to increase the frictional force, and then hold the part tied by the rubber bands and unscrew the nail polish cap.

how to open nail polish bottle

  • 2.Towel Method
    Prepare a clean towel and wrap it on the lid, the towel can increase the frictional force and easily open the cap of nail polish bottle
  • 3.Hot Water Method
    Prepare a bowl of hot water, soak the whole bottle in water for 2~3 minutes.the nail polish sticks together at the bottle mouth, hot water can melt it and easily open nail polish bottle

open nail polish bottle neck

  • 4.Hair Dryer Method
    Prepare a hair dryer and use hot air to blow from bottom to top. The heated nail polish bottle can be easily opened
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