How to make my diy reed diffuser

In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more and more attention to the comfort of home, especially in the improvement of smell and the beautification of home environment. Because each person’s be fond of and living environment are different, product of household sweet fragrance enters the daily life of people gradually.

The diffuser glass bottle of jade glass is not only a beautiful decoration, but also a kind of spiritual comfort. When you are tired, light the incense smoke bottle, close your eyes, immersed in the fragrance, you will feel the dissipation of pressure and fatigue, the heart got a great relaxation and peace.

refillable reed diffuser bottle

The effect and effect of incense and smoke

  1. Refaner, fragrant air

The basic benefit of incense is that they emit fragrant and soon fill with air. The pleasant aroma of the fragrance can easily replace the unpleasant smell in the environment. Fragrance fume is a very good natural air freshener. Can make any space filled with charming fragrance.


  1. Mosquitoes and insect repellent

Mosquitoes are sensitive to certain odors in certain components of most incense. Therefore, some fragrant and smoked essential oils can drive away mosquitoes. The fragrance containing mugwort ingredients is an essential oil specially used to drive away mosquitoes. If you are disturbed by mosquitoes or other bugs while meditation, try burning this incense to meditate.


  1. Reduce stress and tension

Many spiritual leaders believe that incense can help reduce stress and tension by slowing heart rate. This effect can calm people and help relieve muscle tension. Especially when the incense incense contains relaxing essential oils such as frankincense and lavender.


  1. Improve your attention

Some incense can help increase attention by raising awareness and clarity, and it also helps you focus better focused at work or study.


  1. Admidia lift power

Helps to purify the air of bacteria and other microbes. Pure air is good for physical and mental health, which in turn helps to boost motivation. This is thought to be why incense is thought to purify the soul. With fresh air, the brain and body can do any task with full energy.


How should you choose the incense and smoke?

Just like you go to a place you can drive or can take the bus, but today the car is just limited, so you choose to take the bus, the choice of helping sleep incense smoke is the same, suitable for their own is the effect is good.

Above said the kinds of choices are based on the composition of sleep principle (principle one), and everyone’s memory is different, therefore, after all, is fragrant, can pay attention to their own fragrance preferences to choose, fragrance, even without sleep ingredients, it is sense, like some people have their own “sleep” perfume, the fragrance of a specific can make the sleep, if only pay attention to ignore the composition of the taste, is likely to backfire, such as the fragrance of lavender, some people cannot bear, because with grass fragrance.

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