How to Gift Wrap a Glass Cup

Glasses belong to fragile products, packaging and transportation should pay special attention to the anti-seismic and anti-fall performance of packaging materials. Therefore, in the packaging and transportation of the cup, attention should be paid to the use of shock-proof anti-collision inner brackets to ensure that the cup will not be broken due to collision with each other or external extrusion, causing losses and even scratching accidents.

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Steps To Wrap The Glass Cup

To gift wrap a glass cup, you need pay attention to some details attach below:
1. It is generally recommended to use bubble film, wrap around the cup, and be sure to be firm
2. Then use tape to seal a circle after a circle (there is damage in the logistics). This time can not save tape
3. Put the wrapped cup into the carton, and then fill the carton tightly with broken foam or bubble film
4. Seal the carton with adhesive tape

In addition to the above packaging methods, you can also customize a special cup shock-proof anti-collision inner plate. Pearl cotton shock-proof packaging material is an ideal substitute for traditional packaging materials. It has shock-proof, non-toxic environmental protection, recyclable recycling characteristics.
The use of pearl cotton material cup holder, which can make the cup embedded in it, compared with the use of bubble film packaging, instead of wrapping bubble film, wrapping tape and other processes, can also save a lot of tape, just need to put the inner support in the carton, the cup into the pearl cotton take off, cover the cover.
The carton can be sealed, which streamlines the packaging process to a certain extent and improves efficiency.

Secondly, the handling process should be handled lightly, it is strictly prohibited to throw, when loading the truck as far as possible and tight, storage can be placed vertically or flat, but should pay attention to the stacking height to prevent fracturing and collapse. Glass products with cardboard, foam pad, to ensure fixed stability, otherwise it is easy to damage during transportation.

Now you already have a knowledge about how to gift wrap a glass cup. If you have any new ideas, welcome contect us!

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