How to Fix Dried Nail Polish in Bottle

If nail polish is not used for a long time or saved improperly, it is easy to dry nail polish, what should be done at this time? Here are a few ways to get better in a minute

nail polish bottle

You can’t have dry nail polish
1, if you like this bottle of nail polish reluctant to throw, buy a bottle of transparent nail polish and add some in, shake evenly, to ensure that it is as good as the previous.
2, it is much easier to say the question for natural water-based nail polish rice. When the nail polish is painted, the bottle is left open and the water evaporates into the air, especially in the summer. Then every two or three times you use natural nail polish, if you find that it becomes thick, then you can drop a drop of water in it, shake it well; After a while, if you notice any thickening, add a drop of water until you run out, and your nail polish will dry. This is the easiest way to deal with dry nail polish.
3. In nail polish that is already dry; Put in a few drops of perfume. Be careful not to drop too much. In addition
Not suitable for metallic luster. It will make it lose its original light
Ze. Any perfume is fine, just not too bad.
4, add some organic solvents, you can make nail polish thin.
How to save nail polish
1, avoid contact with the air
Nail polish is the most taboo in addition to the sun is the air, although nail polish in the air is difficult to dry, so everyone will not care. However, the air can make the solvent in the nail polish evaporate, which causes the nail polish to thicken and even cross, so that the nail polish can no longer be used. Therefore, the use of filled nail oil must cover the lid, brush the nail surface stable and fast, Ming product thickened nail oil do not continue to use.
2, do a good job of bottle mouth cleaning
I believe that every nail will have a habit, when taking glue, the brush will be wiped on the mouth of the bottle, wipe a lot of nail polish, especially when the lid is just opened, the brush will generally be stained with too much glue. Over time, the mouth of the bottle will accumulate some glue, which will make the mouth of the bottle and the lid create space, so that air flows into the bottle, and the glue of the bottle is also the first to change, and it will fall into the bottle when brushing, which will easily affect the nail polish in the bottle. Therefore, the bottle mouth should be cleaned after each use, if the bottle mouth some nail polish sticky
Jain can not be easily wiped off, it is necessary to use a small amount of nail polish remover to wipe, but avoid getting into the bottle
3. Don’t put it near a sunny place
In particular, the light ning glue in nail polish – once often in direct sunlight, even if it is sealed in the bottle, it will be seriously affected and will be oxidized so that it can not be used. Some people say that I put it in the refrigerator to save it, so there must be no problem, the refrigerator is not allowed, the temperature is too low, it will also lead to changes in nail polish solvents, which will become thick and deteriorate, and the chemical composition of nail polish is more, it will produce pollution in the refrigerator where food is stored. A good storage method is that the nail polish can be used
Longer. So, just store the nail polish glue
On the dry,Keep cool and cool. A place out of light is fine.

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