How to choose Serum Bottle

Used after cosmetic lotion

Serum liquid is used after facial cleanser and lotion and before lotion (cream), which can help to open the pores of the skin and make subsequent cosmetics easier to be absorbed.

15ml Dropper Bottle

The lotion (cream) is used to lock the moisture and nutrition of essence liquid and prevent it from losing. Remember not to use it after lotion and face cream. In that case, the serum is easily absorbed by lotion and face cream, which will greatly reduce its skin care effect.

Simply speaking, it is the serum lotion face cream of facial cleanser and toner. Remember that the order is proper, and of course, some skin care steps of specific products will be removed.

Therefore, before using serum liquid, we should master the correct use order, so as to double the skin care effect of serum liquid.

Special instructions: The order of use of the two common serum fluids, namely, muscle base fluid and serum fluid, is different. The muscle base fluid is generally used after facial cleaning and before toner, which plays a role in promoting the absorption of subsequent skin care products.

Do not use too much

The concentration of serum liquid is generally high, so the dosage is not too much. If used too much, it can easily cause skin discomfort and also cause unnecessary waste.

Therefore, apply 2-3 drops of serum to the face each time. If the area around the eyes, corners of the mouth, both sides of the nose and other parts turn yellow, slightly increase the amount.

The dosage of essence liquid should be appropriate. Before use, remember to carefully refer to the instruction manual, so as to achieve a good skin care effect without unnecessary waste.

Select appropriate serum

There are many kinds of serum liquid, including anti-aging, anti wrinkle, moisturizing, whitening, spot removing, etc.

Different kinds of serum have different skin care effects.

Therefore, we should choose the appropriate serum products according to our skin texture and skin care needs, so as to achieve better skin care and maintenance effect.

How to pack for serum

Bottles for packaging serum have always been highly valued in the cosmetics market.

A good serum glass bottle packaging usually includes factors.

First, the refined and serum liquid glass bottles are packed with droppers or press pump.

Second, generally, the packaging appearance of serum liquid glass bottles has always been very beautiful, mainly high-end appearance.

Third, the serum liquid glass dropper bottle is packaged to the amount, generally speaking, it needs to control the small dosage.

First of all, the packaging materials of serum dropper glass bottles are generally plastic and glass, and the prices of serum dropper or press pump bottles made of glass and the same material are different.

Secondly, the style and capacity of serum liquid bottle, and the price of serum liquid glass bottle with different appearance styles are different.

Finally, the functions and prices of serum press pump bottle packaging vary greatly.


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