Four Type Mason Jar Gift Ideas – Not Only Food Container

We share you four mason jar gifts ideas here, beside food use, you can make it a toy jar, storge jar and decoration jar.

Food-related mason jar gift ideas

You can use mason jars to package various foods as gifts for your friends and family. Whether it’s a birthday or a casual gathering, these ideas are an excellent opportunity to show your appreciation to your friends:

  • Baking foods: Mason jars offer an exquisite packaging solution for baked cakes, enhancing their visual appeal and making them highly enticing.

mason jar

  • Preserves: Preserved foods stored in Mason jars benefit from superior sealing, making it more convenient for preservation when presented as gifts.

mason jar

  • Beverage: Beverages showcased in Mason jars provide a superior visual impact, displaying vibrant colors and delivering an immediate sense of deliciousness.

mason jar

Toy-related mason jar gift ideas

Using Mason jars to create toy gifts is an engaging endeavor. You can opt to arrange an assortment of fascinating toy models inside the jar, such as LEGO bricks, toy car models, and more. With your unique creativity, you can craft the most distinctive and personalized gifts.

glass jar

Storage-related mason jar gift ideas

You can use Mason jars to store small items like jewelry, tiny doll, cinnamon potpourri, or beauty products. They combine aesthetics with functionality, making them an excellent choice as gifts.

  • Mason jar with tiny doll

mason jar

  • Mason jar with other little stuff

glass jar

  • Mason jar with cinnamon potpourri

mason jar


You can use Mason jars to create decorative ornaments that serve as fantastic additions either in your home or as gifts. Here are some creative ideas for you:

  • Eternal Butterfly, using a glass jar as a vessel for time, preserving the moments of butterflies fluttering. As a gift, it’s not just a gesture but a solidified piece of time.

glass jar

  • Snow Globe Jar. This is a miniature world that captivates you—a snow globe jar isn’t actually that difficult to make. You can click on the image below to watch a video on how to create one.

Snow Globe Jar


Here concludes our creative ideas for glass jar gifts. If you’d like to explore further innovative uses of glass jars, feel free to check out our another article on innovative glass jar applications.


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