Extreme Use Scenarios For Glass Jars: Can You Freeze Or Microwave Glass Jars?

Compare to plastic, glass is an environmentally friendly and safe material. When we use glass jars to store food, it will not have a chemical reaction. So you can preserve the food very well.

According to GPI’s (Glass Packaging Institute)data, most people valued glass’s sustainability. Glass is a important material for our life nowadays.

However, in daily life, we will inevitably encounter some extreme use scenarios. So it’s important to know how to use glass jar safety.


Can You Freeze Glass Jars?

can you freeze glass jars

Due to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, when you freeze the glass jar, the lid may loosen, which will lead to reduced sealing performance. If you have liquid in your jar, the water in the food will expand when it freezes. Thus, the jar may break.

Therefore, when we freeze the glass jar should pay attention to the following points:

1 Use a jar with a good sealing performance and a sealing ring

2 When there is liquid in the food, make sure the liquid level is 3 inches away from the mouth of the bottle. Leave plenty of room for expansion

3 Use a wide mouth glass jar, too narrow mouth there is a risk of breakage, not suitable for freezing use


Method For Microwave Glass Jars

can you microwave glass jars

In contrast to iron cans, glass jars are a material that can be put in a microwave oven. Since iron is a conductive metal, it’s may cause a fire when we put it in the microwave oven. But some glass jars use cheap materials, which can cause them to crack when heated. If the glass jar is just taken out of the refrigerator, it is likely to break due to the huge temperature difference when heating.

According to the above possible risks, we should pay attention to the following information:

1 Use glass jars made of high borosilicate

2 Leave a gap in the lid when heating. If it is an iron lid, remove it and heat it in the microwave

3 The jar from the refrigerator should be warmed to room temperature, than over low to medium heat in microwave


Finally: Discover The Infinite Possibilities Of Kitchen Storage

glass jar


Glass jars are a convenient physical storage tool in our lives. We can store different ingredients in different jars, which makes the classification of items in our kitchen more orderly. Face to some extreme use scenarios, we should scientifically understand its use methods to avoid accidents.

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