• 30ml dropper bottle
  • 30ml dropper bottle
  • 30ml dropper bottle
  • 30ml dropper bottle
  • 30ml dropper bottle
  • 30ml dropper bottle
  • 30ml dropper bottle
  • 30ml dropper bottle

30ml Dropper Bottle

  • Capacity: 30ml or customized
  • Color:  brown,amber,transparent,blue,green,white porcelain,etc. or customized gold,black,bamboo
  • Bottle shape: cylinder or customized shape
  • MOQ:  5000pcs
  • Sealing type: dropper
green essential oil dropper bottle

Rowell Dropper Bottle Supplier

We supply a wide range of glass containers, available in a variety of colors, styles, neck sizes, bottle sizes, dropper accessories.If you are unsure which container is right for your essential oil product,please contact Rowell packaging experts.
We will provide you with various customized services such as logo printing and packing boxes.Get wholesale quotes according to your needs, one-stop solution saves you time and reduces costs.

Various Customized Services

We will provide customers with a variety of custom services,packaging boxes and labels can be customized according to needs.The bottle surface process includes silk screen printing, spray coating, UV electroplating, hot stamping, etc.Usually three types of color spraying:solid color, transparent color, and gradient color.

The neck of bottle is also customized,such 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 28mm, etc.If you have any product requirements, please to Rowell for the latest quote.

oil bottle with dropper

Professionally Designed

Glass dropper empty bottles are used in a wide range of applications, usually used in cosmetic liquids, essential oils, essences, toners, serums, beard oils, perfumes, etc.

We wholesale essential oil bottle with complete accessories. The empty bottle and dropper cap are adjusted with high precision, helix seal well and no leakage.

The transparent glass dropper is easy to observe,large suction volume, precise control of liquids,safer to use.The bottle bottom is also professionally designed, thickened, non-slip, anti-wear and not fragile.

Brand Name Rowell
Place of Origin Shanghai, China
Spec Glass Bottle+ Dropper Cap
Sample Provided Freely
OEM/ODM Available
Delivery Time 15-35 days
Sample Time 3-7days
Packing According to different products, pack in carton,wave plate,pallets,etc.

30ml dropper bottle30ml dropper bottle

medical dropper bottles poster

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