Decal For Glass Bottle

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Normally, we use silk screen printing technology for one and two color graphics,but when there are more than three colors , we recommend using decal printing.
Decal printing is a printing method in which pictures and texts are printed on paper coated with a glue layer with ordinary ink or special ink. The commonly used glue layer is made of gum, which not only prevents ink from penetrating into the paper, but also enables the image on the glue layer paper to be transferred to other objects very easily.
There are two types of decals: trademark decals and porcelain decals. Trademark decals are printed by ordinary ink or printed metal gold ink, and are used to stick on the surface of wood or metal products. Porcelain decals are printed with inks prepared with special pigments. They are pasted on glass, porcelain, and enamelware, and then put into the kiln. According to the requirements of different materials, they are calcined at 400~500℃ or even 800℃.                                  When applying decals, if you want to paste the high quality, you need to soak the decal paper with pure water and change the water frequently, otherwise defects such as black spots will appear. After the paste is completed, you must prepare a non-dry towel to wipe the bottle body and wipe off the attached dust to avoid dirty and flaws appear after baking, so when appliques, the position of the bottle body should also be wiped with water, so that the position of the decal can be adjusted conveniently. And when applying the decal, it should be slightly close to the mouth of the bottle, so that when viewed in a vertical direction, the decal position will be centered. Otherwise, after the application, you will find that the decal will be close to the bottom of the bottle. This is caused by the visual direction.

Decorative paper is divided into high-temperature decorative paper and low-temperature decorative paper. The baking temperature of high-temperature decal paper is 580 degrees. It is not recommended to use complex and bright colors; the baking temperature of low-temperature decal paper is 100-280 degrees, and the pattern can be complex. Bright colors need to be removed before baking. Be sure to distinguish between high and low temperature decals before baking to avoid errors during baking.

After the applique is finished, you need to wipe off the water and bubbles inside the sticker, and it is best to dry it overnight in the shade to avoid problems such as popping and dim color during wet baking.


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