Can You Put Hot Coffee In A Glass Cup

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Compare Between Ceramic Coffee Cups And Glass Coffee Cup

We often use ceramic coffee cups to drink coffee, but when we see those beautiful glass cup, we can’t help but think: Can I use a glass for hot coffee? Here’s a comparison:

We usually use the thermal conductivity (W/m*k) to describe the thermal conductivity of a material. If a cup conducts heat too well, it will inevitably lead to burning your hands when drinking coffee. Compared with the thermal conductivity of the ceramic cup of 1.0~1.5W/m*k, the glass cup is 0.8~1.0W/m*k. Which means that the ceramic cup is relatively better isolated from the heat conduction, and will not let you feel hot when drinking coffee.

So, what’s a better solution for people who want to use coffee glass cup? Rowell’s double glass coffee cup is a specially designed cup for drinking coffee, and the air in the middle acts as a thermal insulation layer, making it better insulated than a ceramic cup. While drinking coffee, you can see the beautiful color of the coffee through the cup. It always makes us feel like the world is a little bit better because of this little design.

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High Borosilicate: Safety Material For Glass Cup

Let’s continue the topic. For many people who have concerns about using glass cup, safety is also a very important issue. Suddenly heating or cooling, it is easy to break the glass cup. At this time, we can choose a high-borosilicate glass for coffee. High borosilicate has better heat resistance, will not break easily due to temperature changes. Although the price will be more expensive than ordinary glass, but safety comes at a price, you get what you pay for.

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Through the above comparison, I believe you must have your own view on this question. If there are any more doubts, we welcome you to contact us through our website. As a glass cup merchant for 15 years. We are pleased to address your concerns.

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