Can you microwave glass cups?

I believe some people answer yes and some people answer no.Everyone knows that glass is fragile, so they worry about it breaking. Also, not all glass cups can go in the microwave.

Today i will introduce the hot selling can shaped glass cup for you.Please choose Shanghai Rowell glass cup. Our glass cups are made of high borosilicate material.They are very heat and cold resistant .So you can put a glass cup in the microwave.Some people like called can glass cup ,some people like called beer can cup glass coffee cup .The glass cup with bamboo lid and glass straw is very very very popular !!!

If you ask me are glass cups microwave safe?Yes!Can you put hot coffee in a glass cup?Yes!Because our cups used sublimation glass.You maybe ask me how to make sublimation glass cups?Don’t worry, we have professional designers who support a variety of processes and customization. Welcome to contact us at any time!

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