Are you wondering what to do with your used essential oil glass bottle?

Essential oils are volatile aromatic substances extracted from flowers, leaves, stems, roots or fruits, extracted by water vapor distillation, extrusion, cold immersion or solvent extraction. The essential oils are divided into diluted (compound essential oils) and undiluted (unilateral essential oils) such as cactus seed oil. The essential oils are very volatile and evaporate quickly when exposed to air, and for this reason they must be stored in dark bottles that can be sealed.

lotion bottle

Open the essential oil bottle: use the safety switch to prevent children from opening. Please press the bottle cap first, then remove the lid; lock the lid directly, which is the safe design of essential oil.


  1. Before use, put the small funnel at the mouth of the bottle, and then pour the favorite essential oil about 6 points full. You can also use 2 or 3 different essential oils into the incense bottle, and the flavor before and after will have different artistic conception.
  2. Then place the core head thread in the bottle, and after 20 minutes, the vaporized essential oil will fully permeate the core and core head before the next step. Because this can protect the head and easy to ignite the head.
  3. After 20 minutes, use a lighter or match, light the head please remember to place the vaporized essential oil incense bottle in a safe and stable place to use, and before the previous vaporized essential oil bottle can be placed in the ignition far place to avoid danger after falling down.
  4. When the flame is lit, the flame will change from small to large, do not touch, so as not to burn. At this time, the flame should burn for 5 minutes, the vaporized essential oil in the incense lamp completely vaporized, so that the aroma after the spread.
  5. Please cover the incense cover in about 5 minutes to put out the flame. And take the lid immediately, can see the smoke of sweet atmosphere curl, and aroma.
  6. Then with continuously empty incense cover, cover on the incense bottle, the natural fen more essence of plant fragrance is scattered in the room, begin to take a deep breath, can let you be immersed in the good mood and air, help the soul to adjust, smooth breathing.



Show a little love to Mother Earth by reusing and recycling your empty essential oil glass bottle. You can reuse your bottles by creating personalized oil blends for friends and family. Or use them as decoration around the house.
How do you up-cycle your bottles and other containers?


  1. Remove the cap and orifice reducer
  2. Peel off the label using Lemon essential oil
  3. Find a local glass recyling location near you
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