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The production of plastic bottles for health care products

The processing of plastic bottles for medical and health products has a certain production process, and can also ensure that medical and health product bottles have very good product performance and advantages. The pharmaceutical and health product bottle process production is special, the pharmaceutical and health product bottle has a specific processing technology, and also according to a certain production technology for production and processing, for the pharmaceutical and health product bottle production process characteristics have many.

Pharmaceutical health care products bottle is a relatively clean packaging container, as long as the production process using a one-step method is able to complete, and also reduce the storage of the two steps put time, and don’t have to deal with crowded blowing process, dispense with steps, and also to avoid the bottle inside and outside wall of dust, without hands and bottles of embryos and containers in contact, Is very effective to reduce the erosion of the bacteria, so medical health products have bottle without pollution and health, to be able to fully guarantee the high quality high level production, and also increase the service life of use, this approach is more in line with national standards, and is suitable for the requirements of the GMP management, medicine and health products bottle has a very good performance and has a good processing method, In the use of time to play a very good use value.

Pharmaceutical health care products bottle bottle is a kind of high quality, and has a unique production process, is the vertical injection process design, so that they can ensure the quality of the pipe wall thickness and very consistent very precise, so as to increase the high resistance and permeability for the bottle, with relatively high sealing performance and appearance with high mechanical strength, bottle is very beautiful and tidy, And there is no front, no scraps, the size of the thread is very stable, the precision is very high, the outside looks very shiny, the use is very temperament, especially grade.

The characteristics and performance of the medicine and health product bottle can ensure that it has a very good value when used, and can be widely used and promoted in the corresponding field. The medicine and health product bottle is mainly used in medical treatment and health products, and has a very good service.

Health care bottles are widely used in people and are widely praised and loved by people. Health care bottle is mainly used for health care food, which brings great convenience to people. The production technology of health product bottle is complicated, and it is necessary to test the production material of health product bottle through strict procedure to ensure the production quality of health product bottle.

Health care bottle is mainly made of polyvinyl acetal, gasoline resistant pipe and vinylon synthetic fiber, fabric treating agent, emulsifier, paper coating, adhesive and so on. It is a water-resistant substance. The raw materials for the production of health product bottles need to go through certain inspection procedures to ensure the quality and performance of raw materials. If the performance and quality of raw materials are good, the produced health product bottles will have qualified quality. The production process and method of health care product bottle need certain preparation tools, make use of good equipment and tools to produce health care product bottle, make health care product bottle have more comprehensive function and performance. The health product bottle has a good preparation method and technology, its production characteristics are: 100 parts of polyvinyl alcohol with polymerization degree of 500 ~ 2000 and alcoholysis degree of 75 ~ 99mo1%, 200 ~ 400 parts of dimethyl sulphoxide/water = 90 ~ 7010 ~ 30 mixed solvent, add in stainless steel dissolving kettle, stirring under the temperature of 80-120, The water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol fiber is obtained after filtration, defoaming, dry-wet spinning and post-treatment. The fiber has a water-soluble temperature of 10 ~ 90, strength , single fiber size of ~ 10dtex, breaking elongation of 15 ~ 30%, and the filament is processed into wool. Blended with wool sliver, cotton sliver, hemp and chemical fiber to make high count yarn or hollow yarn, or cut into short fiber for non-woven fabric, embroidery base cloth and papermaking.

The production process of health product bottle requires the processor to produce it under certain conditions, reasonably control the proportion of raw materials, inspect and supervise it through strict quality testing system, fully dissolve and dilute the material, and then add it in a certain order. The production technology of health product bottle is a very complicated process, which must be controlled by strict production parameters.

Post time: Dec-10-2021