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Discussion on Improving the Product Replacement Efficiency of the Glass Bottle Line-type Bottle Making Machine ②

2. The method and scientific division of labor are clear.

2.1 To ensure a faster product change speed, a proper product change method is necessary. We adopt the method of two replacements, that is to say, we change three sets of the six sets of machines. At this time, the material weight of the product is based on the products on the machine. The three sets that have not been changed are in normal production. Re-adjust to the weight of the new product bottle, and then change to the other three groups. The same applies to the eight sets of machines.

2.2 In order to achieve rapid product replacement, a reasonable and clear division of labor is also necessary.

2.2.1 During the entire product change process, the deputy director of bottle manufacturing is responsible for monitoring and coordinating the work, paying close attention to all details and possible changes, and correcting the problems immediately when they are found.

2.2.2 The squad leader of the train line should pay attention to controlling the weight of the product, and discover and eliminate product defects in time.

2.2.3 Three line machine operators on each machine section cooperate with each other to replace. One of the operators who is familiar with the structure and performance of the line machine performs the replacement on the side of the prototype mold. The operator should be careful and always control Good product replacement rhythm, ensure that the people and machines on the machine section are in a safe state during each step of the operation; another operator stands on the bottle conveyer platform to perform the replacement. The operator must understand the machine carefully and observe the machine carefully. For the change of section movement, make sure that the machine section is in a stable position when replacing the operation; there is also an operator standing in front of the bottle conveying machine, and the operator must concentrate on receiving and delivering molds and accessories on and off the machine. , And do a good job of replacing the bottom of the mold and the bottle clamp, and adjust the height of the mold bottom mechanism and the clamp bottle mechanism at the right time.

2.2.4 Workshop maintenance workers are responsible for the cleaning of objects. They must promptly evacuate the molds and accessories from the work site to ensure that the work site is neat, easy to operate, safe and guaranteed.

3. Optimization of operating procedures.

Ideal operating procedures play a vital role in improving the speed of product replacement, which is the most critical part of product replacement. Our operations are roughly divided into four aspects.

Post time: Oct-25-2021